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  1. Congratulations LL you found another way to kill SL.Not allowing pre paid cards,for the life of me I can't understand the logic behind that one.With a pre paid card you can not make a purchase unless the funds are there,"Real" credit cards get hacked and used all the time,then LL lawyers have to fight to try to get their $$.Yes it is true I could use my paypal account and purchase $L that way and pay more with service fees etc.Why bother SL has become primarily a sex game and I do not cybersex, I find it silly.I did enjoy having land and terraforming and building.I am not going to bother using paypal or other forms to pay to be on SL,I have found other ways to entertain myself as have many others as indicated by the lack of people in world on the occasions I do log on.Well thank you Linden Labs I did enjoy your product for many years and will be sad to see the day the plug is pulled.:matte-motes-crying:
  2. P.S. you can activate all gestures within a folder by selecting wear rather then activating each gesture individually.I would advise against trying to activate more then 20 gestures at a time as that is most likely going to cause your viewer to crash,
  3. I have had similar problem,try removing all gestures.I have placed the gestures I actually use into folders(approx. 20/ folder) which makes activating gestures much faster.It seems to me that gestures take longer to load and causes major problems with viewers.Phoenix viewer or Imprudence seem to be able to load better then Firestorm(the only viewers I use).You may have to try a V1 viewer to log on remove gestures before you can log on with a V2 based viewer.I would also advise removing heavily scripted items and possibly even AO and HUDs before logging off after every log on.These things have helped me and hope they help you as well.:matte-motes-big-grin:
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