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  1. When your Plantpet is ready to produce a seed, saying: "Give baby". That looks really odd to anyone in local chat listening distance in SL 😕
  2. I reckon you haz skillz. We're expecting reconnaissance now for the rest of the week. I may or may not have been lurking here for a while, even though I've not posted (I've got your blender tutorial about making walls book marked and I'm hoping you start selling things on MP) . So I feel qualified to state this. I may sound just a little stalkerish, sorry 😕
  3. I'm hesitating to suggest this because I'm no expert and you've probably already thought of this and discounted it but just incase... Have you tried using Phoenix - area search (using the prim owner's name in search field) and heading towards the red arrow? It may take a few goes to see the beam of light and if it's tiny it could take a few more to see it highlighted but it *might* work.
  4. Sending you a NC inworld with various things that work - courtesy of the Phoenix team
  5. What Archie said (minus the wandering girl friends - if I'm trying to keep up with a friend then I just look for yellow dots on mini map) I don't know about the other nosier stuff mentioned but Phoenix displays the names of different TPVs and also Viewer 2 - ergo anyone without a viewer tag is on 1.23) It's been a while since I used Viewer 2 - I thought that too showed the different viewer tags above people's names, I guess I got that wrong.
  6. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Unkle Bob for his post I often read these threads and you guys (the ones who post regularly) are very helpful. Thanks :-)
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