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  1. Your partner smells like trouble to me. It sounds like you need to sacrifice too much just to be with him. This is very far from normal. No one should put up with all that just to please someone.
  2. You can apply at the slnewser, Bixyl shufan is the editor. www.slnewser.blogspot.com
  3. Contact the hair designer or the customer service. They can tell you.
  4. Contact leona.kitty, she has beautiful wedding and reception venues
  5. Hello, I'm looking for videographers to work on a new project. Please contact me inworld or mail me at myliefoxclaw@live.com Do attach a link to your work and salary expectations. Mylie Foxclaw
  6. Hello, I'm Mylie Foxclaw. I am a writer in both RL & SL. If you have any writing position available, do let me know. You can contact me through notecards inworld or mail me directly on myliefoxclaw@live.com .
  7. You might want to check on flickr. Most photographers in SL have a flickr page and you can easily see their work and have information about their rates. Make sure to get into the right flickr groups related to flickr. here's my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/48865477@N07/ you will see the groups I'm in from there I guess
  8. Looking for a fun job? OFFBEAT TV is hiring a blogger/model or someone well-versed in fashion to be our new Anchor/host for Style Gate. As the host, you will be the face of the show and you will be advising people by proposing styling tips and showcasing outfits. You will also get to interview famous personalities in the fashion world and inform our audience of the latest fashion fairs/events as well as comment on the different fashion shows happening in SL! Salaries are very attractive and will be discussed during the interview. To apply or for more information, contact Mylie Foxclaw i
  9.  Contact Mylie Foxclaw inworld through notecards or send an e-mail directly to myliefoxclaw@live.com for more information.
  10. Do you actually need an inworld store? I mean you have the marketplace. Depending on what you sell, you can always set demos on mp itself. An investor has to be trustworthy and also what if they pull out suddenly? You'd have to start afresh. If you can't afford an inworld store, stick to mp for a while.
  11. I'd be interested in a writer position. Mylie Foxclaw
  12. try advertising at www.seraphimsl.com
  13. Hi Vulpinus, whenever you make changes to your build in blender make sure you save it. even the tiny little things, even with the UV map. Now concerning your export, when you click export, this is the menu you would get and you need to save as a dae file. when you click that,  when you click that,you should be getting something like this:  click operator presets. you will see 2 options for SL. you need the static option. make sure you click those settings before you export because it ensures your uv map will work in sl.  Also, export to your desktop. Someone said so w
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