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  1. The problem occured a few days ago. When in building mode - I try to create an object and it's invisible - and even seems to not exist at all! Only I can see are axis. The object will show (and turn modifiable) only when I move/stretch/rotate it - then it stays 'normal'. But when I don't move/stretch/rotate the just-created object, it will never show again. Like if it's never been created. I also can't copy an object by holding SHIFT and dragging it. The same happens with all the objects I try to rezz from my inventory. I tried it at a few sandboxes - so it's not about the sim. Lately I updated my graphic card driver (it's NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M, 512MB) - may the problem be related to that? EDIT: I've just logged in with Imprudence viewer and I've found all my created objects which didn't exist for me in original SL Viewer. I also can build normally in Imprudence. Then - what's wrong with original viewer?
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