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  1. Please, contact me at everettstromfied@gmail.com my Flickr portfolio https://flic.kr/ps/2XznQT
  2. Thanks Whirly, looks similar if not the same... for now the only way for me to get rid of it is using the multiple material trick described in this thread.
  3. Thanks for your time Drongle, sadly I haven't had success with the crease, even setting it to 45 using the lastest viewer, maybe it's my graphic card (I'm on a mac) or i'm not doing it correctly. 
  4. I have been using the multiple material trick for a long time without knowing there is another alternative like the one described here using the creasing feature, there are some complex items I would like to leave the faces free for different reasons and use the crease method instead, however, I have tried using the split edge modifier (blender) or the crease on upload window without success, maybe something has changed on recent viewer versions?
  5. Pamela got my reason about thinking twice. I don't want it for having mainland, I'm only interested in using the private sandboxes since the public ones are currently converted in a nightmare where the griefers are the kings. In fact I suspect those griefers are just lindens trying to convince us to get the premium because I can't understand why they do not block them by ip. They even do not need to create new alts to attack us because simply there are not who can protect us. Thanks for all your responses and sorry about my poor English.
  6. I'm sorry, maybe I don't explain myseft correctly. I don't want a premium membership on a daily basis. I want to pay it quarterly. They say the following: Note: When you cancel your account, it remains active until the end of your payment period. You may still log in and use Second Life during this time. For instance, if you buy a yearly Second Life membership and cancel it the next day, you are still be treated as a premium member for the next year! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Premium-membership/ta-p/1054477 So, this way, I can control my billin
  7. Hi everyone. I would like to pay for upgrade to premium but I have read about a lot of issues involved on it like they delete you or block your account that make me think twice. I just wondering if I pay for a quarter and the following day I cancel the subscription since they said if you cancel you will remain premium till the end of the cycle you have paid, would I stay more secure? Because I have notified that I do not want to renew they will not ban me if they have billing issues and I can reupgrade to premium just a few days before the cycle ends. If you can point me in the right direction
  8. The marketplace is a terrible site full of glitches with slow queries, seems abandoned for the lindens. It can be any worse.
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