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  1. Thanks, yes I've seen that in marketplace I can recover items till 2014 and perhaps over, so all good ~ I just need to remember what I'm missing now >...<
  2. Thank you Nick, done and it didn't work ~ Thank you Chic Aeon ~ ! Yes, I've reinstalled both Firestorm and the SL viewer few times, like 3-4 each one and it didn't work. So alright, for the items that I've bought in MP I'll use that redelivery system, while for those bought on the CasperTech vendors I'll use that other redelivery system ~ I think 3 items might be back already, so perhaps I better wait and click on redelivery, yes. Thanks for the support ~ !
  3. Hi Lindal Kidd, thanks for the reply and help! Yes, I know I've the semblance of a newbie in the forum, anyway my main avatar is 5078 days old ~ so yes, I checked the trash and also made the test to see if you can delete something that you are wearing (that's not possible, anyway I didn't remember it well so I checked). So no, I didn't delete the folder for sure. I've checked that link and already cleaned all the files, even deleted those inside AppData\Roaming\Firestorm AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64 AppData\Roaming\SecondLife losing all the contact sets and settings and nothing. I
  4. Hi everybody ~ Yesterday my avatar lost suddenly all the clothes, after a few I've noticed that around 3.000 - 5.000 elements of the inventory were gone. The strange thing is that when I press Ctrl+O I don't see the items in the outfits. So I've cleared the cache, deleted the file .inv in the user\AppData folder, then I've reinstalled Firestorm, installed the SL viewer, deleted the .inv files multiple times over and over, went to an empty sim, prayed to the virgin Mary and Phil Linden and nothing. It doesn't seems to be a local problem, or perhaps it is, anyway I don't get it o.O; Seems t
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