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  1. Just checking here - you think differently because you do what the other people who think differently do?
  2. There was a report when 3.2 was released that a Dutch user got hers installed in a Scandanavian language, ahd there was an old JIRA entry about Polish users getting Danish viewers.
  3. 3.2.4 looks the same to the user, but much of the rendering language has been radically changed because the previous versions had serious problems with newer video cards and drivers. If you're having problems try getting the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer. The automatic updating is a setting in "Preferences" - it defaults to automatic updating but you can go to "Preferences" - "Setup" and change the button saying "Install Automatically" to "Download and install updates manually." That also lets you save the installation file of each version so you can go back easily.
  4. Orca Flotta wrote: The Linden Realms game is absolutely contrary to the slogan of Your World Your Imagination. This is a prefabricated game by LL in a world where all content is supposed to be created by the customers. I guess you can't blame LL for this perversion of their old slogan but probably the customers for their lack of imagination. Actually there's always been Linden Labs built content and sponsored activity. In Oak Grove there's an old-west town that Linden Labs began building and then invited teams of residents to build additional buildings on a "contract" basis. That was in 2003, or four years before you joined SL. Bear in mind that all I'm doing is pointing out a 1) factual and 2) logical error in your original post.
  5. Snow Wolfhunter wrote: I an going to buy a new computer soon, but im not really sure for what i shoule be looking for to get my Second life to run like a charm. I am thinking of buy a this one: HP 6200 PRO XY101EA: Windows® 7 Professional, Intel® Core™ i5-2400, 3,10 GHz, Intel® Q65 Express, 1x 2 GB, DDR3, 1066 MHz, Intel® HD 2000, SATA 500 GB, DVD±RW DL Light scribe, 10/100/1000 Mbit, Small Form Factor, 240 W, PS/2 Optical Mouse, PS/2 Standard Keyboard. I would apriciate if someone would tell me if thats' a goof compononet to have second life in its all glory, and to especially have shadows, bumps, and to run it on high perfomance. Thank you in advance. You need to get a separate video card - Intel integrated graphics are basically useless for any serious 3D graphics. That computer also only has a 240 watt power supply which will be inadequate for a video card powerful enough to run with shadows on. To tell you the truth, if running SL with shadows on is really important to you you're probably going to have to look for a completely different computer.
  6. Are you a premium member? If not you might want to consider becoming one. There are many abandoned pieces of mainland all over that can be bought instantly for $1L a square meter and you can collect them, gradually increasing your tier but getting more prims per real-life amount spent as you accumulate land. If you buy copyable houses and furniture items you can just keep plopping them down as you get more land. You could have prospective tenants come into a central location to search your listings and then give them landmarks to the various properties.
  7. Hi Ursula! Again, the skin and shape work together to create the face. DON'T SPEND ANOTHER NICKEL ON SHAPES - or at least don't spend more than about L$300 IF you try a demo and LOVE how it looks. Every "human" shape in SL was made by manipulating exactly the same sliders that you can call up in "Edit My Shape." You can copy the shape you have now and experiment with it. If you want to try other skins I'd recommend looking at Redgrave (where we got your eyes), Curio and Belleza. Belleza would actually be my first choice for the age and look you like. Search for those names and "Skins." Don't spend over L$1000 for a single skin and always try demos first. As far as AO's, there are inexpensive starter AO's but the really good ones can be quite expensive. Most AO manufacturers will let you try out the poses that make up the AO in their stores. Probably the best way to find a good AO is to "people watch" and when you see someone whose "moves" appeal to you ask them politely where they got their AO. I should be on tonight your time for a while if you see this and want to do more shopping.
  8. There's a shape and skin store called Ruby's that has a good selection of avatars that aren't the conventional buff 25 year old, and some of their guys are on the chunky side. You can get free demos to look at and I think they sell modifiable shapes for around $100 too.
  9. Melita Magic wrote: It sounds like you want to copy the work someone else has done? Melita, did you make your own hair and skin? VERY impressive! Of course, if you didn't, you "copied the work someone else did" too.
  10. Do you remember where or how you got the skin? If it was given to you or was in some random freebies it may have been an illegal copy of another skin and Arc Faith is the name of the "copybotter." Illegal copies were a major problem a while ago and there is a fair amount of this content floating around (and to be perfectly clear, I'm not accusing you or anyone you know of doing the copying.) If the skin has a high-quality, detailed look it probably was from one of a handful of designers originally. If the skin allows you to edit it, go into the editor and take a look at the "tattoos." It's usually hard to see them clearly but you may see a copyright notice and a name on one of them and that will be the original creator. I've been doing a lot of work with skins and I may be able to recognize the maker from the look of the skin if this is the case. As far as the "kindness", the shape, skin and even the eyebrow shaper (the little file that's listed as the "hair") all work together to make the look of the avatar. My skin is adorable with the shape it came with, which I edited slightly when I got it, but if I wear it with almost any other shape I look like the product of five generations of inbreeding. By carefully editing your shape you may be able to get the look you like with another skin.
  11. RoseBeMine wrote: Thanks for the replies. I'm totally new and still trying to figure out everything. I have a avatar that you can pick when you sign up etc. I will check out the objects area tomorrow, *late here in Aus* lol. I had a look in recent and nothing is there. Any other tips on getting the best looking avatar. Some stuff I picked up was free so I should probably stick to stuff that actually charges lindens? A lot of that depends on where you look. A lot of free things are pretty trashy but there are places that will give away good quality items for free to promote their stores. It's entirely possible to put together a very nice looking avatar for little or no money. I'd be glad to help you hunt for things if you like, or send you landmarks to good places if you'd like. Sleep well and have fun in SL!
  12. Because of the way the Marketplace is set up most things are send in "boxes" that have to be "opened." They will be "objects" and will automatically download to the "Objects" folder in your inventory. Even things like shapes and skins are sold this way because they usually come with notecards, landmarks and other things. Try looking in the folder in your inventory labled "Objects." Also, make sure that you're not using a "filter" on your inventory - that's when you type in a few letters or words in the filter box at the top of your inventory. That will make anything that doesnt' have those letters/words invisible until stop filtering (I do that ALL THE TIME).
  13. If you have a sexy/adventurous story as to why you're missing part of your arm it might actually HELP you.
  14. GariGlitter wrote: . . . in SL, with only one woman as company who could not change her avatar, would you prefer to have as your companion a physically attractive woman with the intelligence of a soap dish, but who insisted on demonstrating her idiocy by keeping up a running commentary of desperate witlessness, or a plain-looking but intelligent woman who offered insightful comments at appropriate times. Whose definition of insightful comments and appropriate times would we be using - mine, or hers?
  15. My avatar is a rather petite teenager and in many couple animations with tall guys, especially couples dances, her feet end up quite a bit above the floor. The hug-and-kiss system I'm most familiar with has the ability to at least partially compensate for height differences by having multiple sets of animations.
  16. Tanni, try downloading and running the beta version. They've had a problem for a while with recent Nvidia cards with that problem and it's fixed in the beta now. I used to have the same problem and the beta works well for me. It may be a while before the fixes are released to the main viewer because it seems like the fixes are causing problems with some ATI cards now.
  17. You can get objects/scripts that automatically invite visitors to your lot to join your group - they don't have to be your friends. Does this sound like what you're looking for? You can find them on Marketplace.
  18. Here in the States you'll occasionally find ads on the Internet screaming "THE TRUTH ABOUT ACAI BERRY - IS IT DANGEROUS?" and then when you click on them you'll read "No, Acai Berry is wonderful and will make you eight feet tall and bulletproof - buy some from ME." Reading the original poster's message I immediately suspected that this was his/her group and they're trying to get people interested in sexual ageplay to contact them to "find out about it." If this is what they want? Busted! If somehow it ISN'T? All they're really doing is advertising it like other posters have said.
  19. I seem to remember hearing about a bug where hovering your mouse cursor over flexiprims causes a FPS drop, and that it has been fixed in some development threads. That might have been your problem - when your mouse was over your avatar that would have caused FPS to drop.
  20. Go into "Preferences - Chat" and uncheck "Enable incoming chat popups: Group chats"
  21. I'm a little confused about how you're setting things up, Tegan. I get people who I IM'd previously but closed out in my "Recent People", however I keep my chat logs turned on. When I get an IM from someone I"ve previously IM'd I see the end of the last conversation I've had with them in gray before the new text rather than a blank history every time. Did you turn your chat logs off in preferences? Also, are you using tabbed IM's or individual ones? It's an option in "Preferences." I recently switched to tabbed IM's which all appear in the same window and I find I have trouble getting RID of the darn things because you have to consciously close them rather than clicking an "X" in the corner. It's also possible that your current setup is broken somehow.
  22. Also, since SL has been around for years some of the internals of the rendering system are old and cause problems with newer graphics cards and drivers. What viewer are you using? I know Phoenix shuts off OpenGL VBO's by default now because they cause problems, and any viewer that supports mesh right now has OpenGL problems that are being worked on at LL as we speak.
  23. Okay, Wolf, here's what's going on with the graphics issues... Graphically intense software communicates with video cards using a "language" called OpenGL. Over time this language is revised as new features come out. Sometimes the new revisions supercede old procedures. Videocard manufacturers update their drivers frequently using the latest versions of OpenGL. As SL has been around for quite a while, some of the OpenGL coding used in it is rather old. Newer video drivers and video cards no longer support it properly, causing crashing when certain features are used. This becomes worse as more graphics options are added to SL. For instance, some people can run SL with old Nvidia drivers like version numbers like "266" but the current driver "285" will crash. However, OTHER programs prefer the NEWER drivers so keeping the old drivers may not be an option. Right now, to try to fix this there is someone at Linden Labs (his name is Dave) who is re-writing how the viewer communicates with OpenGL by using the latest procedures. This is a complicated thing - imagine someting like changing all the bolts in a car from Imperial to Metric. He's making good progress but they don't feel ready to release these changes to the general population because in computer programming fixing one thing often breaks another and they want to be sure it works and that people with OLDER hardware don't get left out in the cold. For instance, some people testing these changes have had the moon suddenly turn huge and bright red and appear in the middle of the day. However, from time to time they release "developer" versions of the viewer that include these changes. I've been using one lately and it's fixed the viewer crashing I've been experiencing. It may work for you too. To get the test viewer go to the three links next to "Install" - click CYGWIN if you run Windows, Darwin if you have a Mac and Linux if you run under Linux. You'll start downloading a file which, if run, will install a separate version of the viewer in addition to the one you have now. It will be labeled "Test" and have a white background behind the icon, but it will otherwise behave like the current viewer. I've been using these "development" viewers heavily for about a week and I'm quite happy with them. I used to crash frequently in crowded places and randomly while trying to log in and that's stopped happening. I can't guarantee they'll work as well for you because all computers behave differently, which is on of the reasons for these problems in the first place.
  24. Oberon, look up a few posts for my reply to Alzarin. The developer build I linked to should help. There are problems with the "OpenGL" graphics system with SL viewers and many newer video cards/drivers. They're working on fixes but they're not included in the general release yet. This developer release quite well for me though.
  25. You might want to change back to Viewer 3.1 for now but also download the beta 3.2.1 and practice with it. I had a similar reaction but I've gotten used to the new initerface. There are serious internal probems with all mesh viewers right now that are being repaired but it's very doubtful that the repairs will be applied to the old interface by Linden Labs and most third-party viewers are aimed at people who hiss like cats at anything resembling the Viewer 2 interface (Firestorm is an exception but I don't know how long they'll keep the sidebar themselves.)
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