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  1. Something that would be very useful would be to improve alpha rendering options not only in the materials system. I have big problems doing alpha textures even if i do a hard alpha of my translucent texture. It would be great to have an option to set a primmaterial as hard alpha material so it doesn´t have the translucency glitch (flickering and sorting problems). It would improve grafics and i guess it would also be a benefit to the rendering overhead costs on fps. Something like this in the Texture option : Use Hardalpha = True To all other developments, please do it linden lab. It would bring more options to improve performance since normalmapping , bumpmapping and so on can fake many polygones which in turns would give more options to create richt detailed world without having EXTREME polycounts.
  2. Right, the softer the shoe is the more it is movable in some way, so rigging depends on what type and softness your shoe is.
  3. Well then, ok [but this not like i know what knowlege sharing really means, you want me to drop down everything and this is unfriendly in my eyes]. This is something i did to get my Shoe to have nice materials: One easy step is to avoid small wrinkles by modelling them out and using you texture to simulate them. You can save up to 80% of triangle count by just letting Blender baking them out of the Highpoly Sculpting version of your lowpoly object. Triangle count is one of the most important thing in creating stuff for games and realtime engine. The more you save, the more performance you get. Here is a problem with the desired look in Second Life, most Second Life user don´t know that the polycount of objects makes Second Life slow the more objects you use for detail. So , in Second life, it is quite normal to deal with up to 20.000 Triangels only for one singel shoe. For a small compare, a good polycount for the main charackter in many games today is from 10.000 to 25.000 Triangles, but this is a whole avatar. To get much details and low polycount the artist have to deal with many tricks to fake amounts of details. The easiest for second Life is to bake Specular and Ambient occlusion into the model. At this part, i jumped straight over the whole lowpoly to highpoly and baking progress to something you want to know, so i hope you know all this stuff for the next tip. To bake Specularity into your textur you have to use the Blender node system. This is the base node for baking Specular into your texture :
  4. Well, this is actually only the mesh itself. I have many things on my Youtube account just to show of my work. The boots aren´t available for now and there is no link to my store or something. So it is an advert into my knowledge of modelling and not an advert for my store as it only shows the mesh itself. But jeah, i know, since every person in Second Life can have an own label and store, this is always a problem if you want to talk about your creations. Well, i would have hoped you ask me something like" how did you that" or something I was not planning to show you everything without any talking about it. I hope this is understandable, even if i really like to share knowledge. Many greets Mathias, ²Digitalgames
  5. Hello together, i wanted to show off my first creation for woman shoes in Second Life. I don´t really know if this is filed under the right section, but i thought it might be interesting to talk about it more technically if someone want to :) So, here is the Video I developed a special Blender Material baking system, combining my own leather textures with sculptmaps created in Blender. It is nearly done, i just need to clean up the topology and making some LOD for it. Many greets Mathes, ²Digitalgames
  6. Wow , this is solved quickly, thank you I didn´t know that, and it is funny because i had it on other Engines too. Ha so no Bug in Blender. Cool.
  7. Hello together, i just wanted to admit that the collada export of blender 2.5 is not correct in some ways. I had simliar problems with other Engines , the UDK [unreal development kit] . Vertices are calculated double, so a Mesh with 200 Vertices in Blender has 400-600 in UDK or , like i now noticed , even in Second Life. This is bad for Meshbuilders, because vertices needet to be in the lowest amount as possible which is why mesh support is used. If someone noticed simliar problems to this in Second Life or on other Engines and knows a way around it, please write an reply. I will search for it too, it seems to be a problem of Blender and if iget a solution for it i will post it immediately. Many Greets
  8. I give my very best and i will stay friendly and give knowledge to the people. I decided to make a nice report that solves problems but also to say the hard thing about it but in a way that they hopefully react quite normal. And what i see is, that even without mesh would this copyright thing impact hugely on the thinking and behavior of Second Life users. I remember i talked to a person that really believed it is no problem to build real life things like cars, boots and so on or use meshes from free sites. He doesn´t even hear about what i was saying that this is not correct and that it was a problem for linden lab before. For me, i have my own little company and i am something like a Gamedesigner and Advertisment Designer. So i know the problems with copyright usage and i am a supporter to safe intellectual property. Its a little offtopic, but you can see my Videos here : http://www.youtube.com/user/Mathesmatte?feature=mhee I even bought an own camera for 200 euros [which is quite mid quality] to make my own textures so that i have full control over my work an i never have to worry about it. Its the best thing you can do, i couldn´t even imagine how it was bevore, i always had to look for stuff that isn´t copyprotected and is free to use even commercially. One fact is true, it is hard to avoid to use things that are copyrighted, even if you do your best. Even Linden Lab had this problem by themself in this demo : [Hulk is a comic hero from Marvel]. The best thing for me was to keep this in mind whatever i am doing, first thinkin about it, than doing it [in german, erst Denken dann Handeln]. Well i hope only one thing, that this will not make such a huge impact on creativity. ID software had this problems too, with garrys mod, because people used Nintendo charackters in this mod to make videos. But they found a solution as i remember. The easiest solution to me would be to erase every second life account that broke the mesh creation rules. Like, i have read the terms and conditions, which another pop up onther time to make sure you agreed, which is standart in this games industry. But the funny thing is, and at this point i understand linden lab, most people didn´t read the terms and conditions and give a ........ of it . So, well lets look what i can do, perhaps i will buy a creditcard for 30 euros per year. I will give it a try. So, as i said, i will do my best to give knowledge about meshes in Second life as best as i could. I hope this will make a small but good impact for mesh builder and mesh users Perhaps i can make some people happy with that. Many greets
  9. Well i see the reasons for this and i already thought it might be that way. But well, so this is true. Hard, but it was just a matter of time, i was always wondering that copyright and othere important things are handled very soft in Second Life when i was new there.... I would write more but i can´t explain myself in english like i could in german, so yeah my mistake whith K and not c is because i am from germany. Its just, i tried to get people interested for Mesh support, now it is even harder to tell them what is good about meshes, Don´t get me wrong this is not my opinion, this is a very sad thing. Its a mixture of beeing afraidf of this new tool and that it looks too difficult to use. If i have to tell this in my mesh report....it will be worse. I waited 2 years for this Mesh Support.....But i knew it would end up like that. Sad thing.....
  10. Well, i was trying to support Mesh in second Life, because many People are afraid of it, having problems and so on. It was really good until i wanted to upload a mesh. ..... Well, the question and answers for getting certified are easy because everyone should know copyright and law and so on, but.....i can not make a payment setting because even the Paypal account only supports Kreditcards for Linden Lab.So what should i do now, i really don´t want to call up on Paypal or Lindenlab because this would cost money, and i think this is not nessecary at all. So, no upload for me i guess, even if i am working outside of SL making Meshes all the time? I guess this is a non trust Meshbuilder, but if this is true i am really not happy guys. :(
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