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  1. Not sure how kitty feels about this yoyo I found. And she landed on my head.
  2. I just want to say to everyone here, "Thank you for pushing about the groups!" I have been reading this feed all day long, back and forth as the day passes. So many great and amazing view points were spoken here. And yes! The Lindens did listen about how important these group fees are for us! A lot of my non premium friends were highly upset, yet I was given more groups than I would ever use. Sitting at 45 groups for my premium! That's still crazy. Specially when back in the day when I first started in 2007, that was a fraction we were given. Hopefully Lindens will listen even further to
  3. A lot of them are nice but do not give a great selection, or they do not give dark eyebrows, or the arms are flat and have no definition, or if it does then you are paying clearly over 2000L for a skin which is rediculous. I spent a lot of money on a skin and then realised when my av lifts her arms for some reason my upper sides are dark just above where the pits belong, which to me is ugly. I am looking for a great definition skin that looks about 30 but am finding no luck, hmm maybe I am just picky. I want olive tone with pores, and dark eye brows with definition, just not finding it yet.
  4. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TS-Perfecta-Lorena-Fair-DEMOS/1581198 this is worth looking into
  5. A few weeks ago I ordered a subscription for one of the items I am selling, I only had it on a week because it didn't sell. Now last week I didnt get charged. This week I am getting charged. The other item is the only one that is active and should be active. Is there anyway I can get refunded for this please. It was not my error but marketplaces.
  6. I would like to use this on paintings I sell, and how to make it animated when I create the ad on http://marketplace.secondlife.com. I am assuming I used Animated GIF. Thanks. Any help will be appriciated.
  7. I had a premium account 3 years ago but couldnt figure out where I got this free 512M or how to get it. If someone can tell me please I might go back to premium. Thanks
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