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  1. I haven't back peddled on anything. I still agree with my first comment, and only went more in depth with evidence why I feel they are a pos company that still lies and shouldn't be funded. You guys don't care who you purchase from that's fine. My opinion doesn't change either. Really? How do you know this? They told you? Alts don't count.... They all act the exact same. Same rules, same management process, same lies, same greed, same skins from over 6 years ago, mostly same hud operation but a new layout. The only change they may have is a few more CSRs added and their live help group. Just because they come back with a new body for 5k, with no refund or kept promises from their old body, doesn't mean its a new team. Where in their process now does it show they are different?
  2. Except I have dealt with management team since they were The Shops with just skins years ago, it's the same people and same skins. What has annoyed me personally is on their website they say they won't restrict who gets developer (mesh) kits, and in the included NC with the body say its free to anyone. However, they do restrict it based on how much items you have listed in your store, same thing old management did. This should be posted somewhere on their kit request page, so hopeful creators do not waste 5k only to find out they can't get a kit after all. If you do not have whatever amount of items, they wouldn't tell me, then they label you a "hobbyist" saying you need to wait for the Personal kits, which they have no set release date, and it doesn't make sense how those kits would be different anyway, a rig is a rig. This was an issue with the last body, and they didn't release kits to the public until the body was irrelevant. To me, this is a red flag for now from a "creators" perspective. If you don't create or don't care about fresh creators, this may not matter to you. To me, it proves they still lie, and manage the same. Quote from their included NC: "Legacy is supported by the community. To help speed up new content, we need your support! Kindly ask your favorite designer to request a free kit. Legacy is open to anyone who is interested!" Direct quote from Website "Mesh Kits are free to anyone! Because we are not restricting who gets the kit, and because of the time we spent on perfecting our unique weights and mannequin shape (over three years), to acquire meshtools you will need to sign the kit license agreement with your real name." They were also asked to add omega, in fact it was a top request when they took a survey where they could improve.. they did not. Granted this is based on the hopes that BoM takes off, but even they say appliers are better. Nothing has proven to me they learned anything at all, nothing has changed. So I personally wouldn't recommend it (for now), as they still do not have my trust. The materials and mesh are amazing, I will give the body that. Its material setup allows for some interesting effects, hopefully other bodies add this feature too. There is not a lot of clothing out for it just yet, and it's not a good body for anyone looking to start creating. I think people looking at bodies should take that in consideration before buying one twice the price of other bodies. Their history and how they operate as a team should be kept in mind before a purchase. My "malice" has reason, and years of history dealing with them. I won't have sympathy when their kit is spread like wildfire the same way as Maitreya Lara's. Belleza is probably the most deserving for support and purchases. In the end it comes down to the consumer though. I'll also add, no where did I say my opinion about purchasing the body was law. If they want to, go for it. I rather people are aware of who they support first. The company has a bad history, and in my opinion hasn't shown any change thus far. I wasn't meaning to offend anyone with my stance, I hate hearing every few years "managements changed" yet they don't. (Edited for late night typos)
  3. Don't give them your money. It is the same group of people, waste of L. Some aspects of the body may be better like materials and their layering, but they aren't worth funding as a designer.
  4. Nightlife and Entertainment from what I recall is also where people are supposed to list other events, like clubbing or dress up events. So, not quite. Some list in Live Music now I guess, but from what I remember that was supposed to be more for Live Singers. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
  5. Oh I agree there it needs to be revamped in a huge way. I think a good start would be making escort and stripper places have their own category and if they are caught listing incorrectly, they cant post for a long time. I do use it occasionally to find new places though.
  6. Because that's where you have to go for new releases from multiple high-end designers, obviously they're going to be crowded, that doesn't mean people love having to deal with it. It's also made creators lazy or rushed because of deadlines. I would love for events to die out and things to go back to active malls, hangouts, or stores themselves. I don't want the Events from listings to die out though, if that was the original topic.
  7. I don't agree.. it was laggier in the past in my opinion. Computers have come a long way, so has SL. I remember barely being able to move way back in its earlier days, clubs were also a lot more laggy to the average computer. If you have a decent PC and connection, it's not too bad with the exception of a sim full of bad scripts.
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