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  1. I've studied bots for awhile and it's like one user said.


    Bots have a number of functions and I've noticed some with the same last names dotting the coast-lines of sims encircling the area. So something much bigger is at play for some bots. This is in Zindra - I've followed the trail of green dots and I discovered this in a small area sim to sim. Some bots survey, some bots are used as spy work and for something like this I feel it's more than just simply surveying an area with the pattern they're in and how they never TP out - they've been there for months.


    Meanwhile in other sims some bots are designed to add to the scenery. Over in the Blake Sea in Barbarossa there's a bot that plays as a ghost. It will TP in and fly on a set path to nearby sims then TP out daily. Then there was another bot in the same sim I noticed that would TP in and out all day everyday at set intervals of 10-12 minutes. It would stand in place for about a minute then it would 'slide' off into the ocean and TP out after some distance away.


    Then in another sim I found a cluster of 24 bots (yes I did a head-count) and they all had the Milk Maid or whatever milking system. Every single one... they would TP out once a tank was full, deposit then TP back to this sim and continue harvesting. They've been there for months as per the course with some of these bots. This too was in the Blake Sea of all places.


    There's also a sim inworld that sells accounts for being used as bots.

  2. While I ain't a fan of Nascar perse - this song was featured in Nascar Heat 4 I bought to mess around with and I ain't gonna lie. When I heard the guitars kicking in as I looked at the menu video, designed my car and driver and eventually hit the tarmac scoring points for my team it was badass.

    My ultimate goal is to at least win once at the North Carolina race-way (where I was raised).




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  3. Love Astrel Tek, Aeon Dynamics, THI to name a few for military and I love GMEC and Zamani and such for civie rides. Mainly I operate military vehicles and my yacht is something like this Cyclone class coastal patrol ship (or CPS in short) pictured. The only thing I don't like about it is how they caved into the people bitching about military vehicles in non-military sims with the gun covers and here I'm thinking: "So what? Doesn't mean we can't use them there - there's no written rule by Linden Lab themselves or whoever that we can't and besides that military vehicles travel all around the globe in non-military areas as it is. Water's water - any ship can travel where it wants". At times I get harassed over it but it is what it is.Snapshot_030.thumb.png.dbeeb3d3b83bcfdbd53c5f6f7e435f7a.png


    And here's another I like such as this AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. A legend in the field. Feared by most insurgents. Just the mere presence, sound or mention of one sends them running.



  4. I've been on a zombie kick as of late - studying things like viruses more so than usual and I've been addicted to a hidden gem of a game called 'Project Zomboid'. I think this captures just how serious of a situation a zombie apocalypse is.

    The Trioxin virus in particular is a pretty fascinating virus and something of a miracle if you think about it disregarding the twisted nature of it.



  5. The guitars in this song are a banger. It makes Mega Man into a badass that's like a actual threat (not saying he isn't - just these vibes overall make him feel more like a badass but yeah).



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  6. 18 hours ago, Chroma Starlight said:

    Who needs pesticide? Just be kind.

    I put them outside, and they walked back toward me. XD 

    I gotta be the only guy that finds cockroaches and most bugs cute out here. Ants are love, ants are life.

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  7. People, the Official Pokemon YouTube channel has made this meme into it's own day: 'Bidoof Day' on July 1st and with it they brought back the Rick Roll. Now in it's current generation it is known as the 'Bidoof Roll'. You'll thank me later. Nintendo knew of the meme and acknowledged it. Crazy times.

    These are peak Bidoof hours my dudes.


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