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  1. Hey again! I've recently started trying to work on the bento hands for my fitted mesh Louisbody, and found one weird little bug or error on my part, and it's driving me nuts trying to figure out what's causing it. I got the fingers all rigged great, and the mesh looks perfect in Blender and the SL preview uploader, and then came across this. The lower arm joint seems to be.. shoved away from the body? And is causing a lot of distortion, but only there! https://gyazo.com/fe4bcd5fe83e8123a71773902c0566c5 https://gyazo.com/930f5e148dcc723ef4b95823031f45f7 And here is the normal uploaded fitted mesh version, what it should look like; https://gyazo.com/a917b80b3a2804156f3ba76ebfeee8d8 https://gyazo.com/9df6297eccf1b6e6ca99bd2a80058048 The hands I finished also look a bit warped (https://gyazo.com/b961fb0b747543694551f1f4cf16de5c) but are fixed quickly with one of its own custom animations as I had to move the finger bones around a bit so it would actually animate them correctly. What could be causing the elbow distortion, though? Does editing where the finger bones are not support being partially rigged to bones used for fitted mesh? Thanks so much for any help with this! 8D Edited to add that I'm using Avastar for the rigging.
  2. Heya! Just wanted to add my two cents into this awesome project. I've been experimenting with rigged, animated mesh heads for personal use since about 2011 or 2012, and may have found another reason why bone translations would be greatly appreciated. While the 30 extra bones in the face are absolutely amazing to mess with, and they do work relatively well, Louis here has a rather.. long head, and with the facial animation bones as they are, they sorta don't match up all that well (the mouth and nose, mostly, and the eyes just a bit, but the eyes being off-center may have been my fault). https://gyazo.com/771a65a08858d2da6f86b2ffc4bb381a If i were able to move those bones where they 'should' be according to his facial structure, then I could make the corner-lip bone actually do more than make him smile/look a little constipated. If that's possible already, then I do apologize for posting without testing that just yet, but it seemed like something relavent to add! 8D
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