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  1. A friend of mine was having trouble paying for her premium account, and the account got suspended because she couldn't pay. And she was downgrading to basic at the same time, but still has to pay the last bill for her premium. Well, this happened about 4 months ago now and she still hasn't paid for it. She keeps telling me she will pay for it when she can afford it... Will she be able to get her account back when she pays for it? I have read somewhere that you only have like 1 or 2 months to pay for it. Or can LL sue her if they dont get the money?
  2. Well yeah i do enjoy RP-sex in SL but its not the only fun thing to do here. And i dont ask or tell people what i do in RL. I have to admit, this is only my "fun time alt". I have several shops on my main where i sell things, and... believe it or not: I am not in a relationship there either. But i am very happily married RL. I have been talking to gorean Role Players too, and they said they don't care if the other person is **bleeping** at the computer while having sex or not. But mostly there is not much time to do so, because they have to concentrate on the emoting and everything...
  3. Hey all, i was just reading this and i have a question: I am a man who enjoys RP sex, and when i play with a woman does she normally expect me to play with myself? Or how would she react if i told her something like "no i didn't touch myself. Was i supposed to?" I would rather enjoy the RP too instead of playing with myself and leaving a mess to clean up. And no, i don't tell them things like "i just came so hard in RL i'm shaking..." and i dont ask them either if they play with themselves. But i have seen some girls doing it too. They mention their big red dildo and stuff like that. But
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