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  1. Ironically, I purchased a Mac OS X to speed up Second Life and use Firestorm Phoenix for best FPS. It's been great. Then I noticed my media TV is running BUT just showing up the proverbial black screen. Returning to my old cranky laptop on Windows with an old version of Flash Player works fine. However, it's not what you'd hope really. Second Life don't seem to be moving with the times and I really don't want to take Flash Player back to an older version as other media then has failings outside of SL. Hope it's fixed soon.
  2. By the way - I am NOT a new resident. I have been with SL for three years but do not usually use the complaints procedures or forums. I'm just so disappointed my experience of SL is worsening rather than improving over time.
  3. I would like to support what Caolite has said about his girls experience of SL - exactly the same for me. I've tried just about everything to improve my SL experience, but am constantly reminded that I am at fault somehow for either my ISP, my wireless, my computer or my understanding of technology generally! I have seen many others forced into thinking a "better" computer would solve crashes and FPS problems or other related matters, only to spend a fortune and get bounced off sims repeatedly OR their ISP from the UK won't "speak" to the US servers. I have had whole evenings where a bu
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