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  1. Same, chat support said "expect to be cleared in couple of weeks" ... filed ticket, but doubt it will change anything
  2. Yeah, maybe I didn't explained why I don't work with descriptions/names, so no worries. And yeah, relinking can be the issue obviously, but thats not my top concern for now. Thanks for the input Qie
  3. Because every single texture hud that I have seen out there (meant for designers who don't want to create their own huds for the sake of simpliciy without going into a debate how responsive reading notecard is on every single hud click) write some data in description/object name? And I can add my stuff on existing description, but highly doubt that other script will parse it properly after that (almost certain it wont). So to avoid storing my settings, and thinking if they will ever be overwritten by some other script (or appending the settings would break other scripts) I figured to rea
  4. Thanks for the JSON functions, I seriously need to check the updates considering that I have been idle for some time, and as I explained, the group names so to call them are variable (but would probably be smarter to make them constant to avoid unknown needle in a haystack)
  5. Not when your other script overwrites the name/description in its process, or I have misunderstood it so you meant the first time script is run? Also not following the bottom part especially when I have no idea about the names to begin with (yeah, I can make them static and say "name prims groups as A,B,C etc) just wondering how would I know the name change?
  6. Hello everyone, can anyone help me with the following issue I'm having I want to map the prims in the linkset based on their groups, and later do something with those grouped prims. For example: In a linkset there are prims 2,3,4 with Name(or description doesnt matter really) A. There will be also prims 5,6 with Name B, 7,8,9,10 with name C and so on. So I want basically to output the result (llOwnerSay, llSay doesn't matter) in the following manner a:2,3,4@@b:5,6@@c:7,8,9,10 (where a is the group name, then list of prims in the group and last part is lets say group separator fo
  7. Well its pointless to explain to me what can I do if I own two objects... I perfectly know that I do ping between them, pair holster and weapon, and what not... Again that is not the issue here as I explained above. And again I dont see how rezzing 7 prim object on sim has more impact than rezzing 495 bullets from gun? Heck, Im even willing to compare it on land where you have permission to debug scripts to show you exaclty how much impact on sim this script I made have, and I dont even consider myself uber-scripter. So please dont tell me what to do if I own two objects, even that Im gratef
  8. Ok again, my question is NOT about lag that rezzing objects might create (and its quite pointless when people are rezzing literally **bleep**load of bullets from scripts that date from 2008). Issue here is about llAttachToAvatar. That being said, and the fact that you cannot replace object that is already in attachment spot. Since I dont need any advice about rez-to-had this post can be closed. Thanks for your time
  9. Thanks for reply Qie, For this example I do control both scripts, but if someone get <name favorite sword creator> and use his sword, and my gun, then I have absolutely no control over sword scripts. Rez to attach, works as intended. If you are in no rez area, then you will not be able to use ANY gun since all of them are firing projectiles that has to be rezzed. Permissions are thing that has to be dealt with, I agree, but there was Fusion saber system (SWRP, R34l1ty H4ck3r5) that has been used that way for ages and none seem to complain about it too much. That is not my issue her
  10. Hi everyone... I haven't been in SL for a while, and decided to give it a spin again... Being builder and somewhat scripter, I just briefly checked out new features and one particularly drawn my attention. Ability to have multiple attachments on the same attachments spot. Is this how things work atm or there is lsl function to automatically drop attachments from one point and then attach it. Here is scenario. I am building my own Rez-to-hand weapons system. Meaning, you don't get invisible weapon attached to your hand which change alpha to show it, but instead, you attach holster, and when yo
  11. You are aware that 90% of IM's are working like that? Flashing icon in system tray which you open to see who is chatting with you on skype/msn/yahoo etc... I really dont see proble with either that (since i dont have to be spammed with window instead i can read stupid post on group charter and close it right on the spot), nor with tabbed ims interface, so every im/group charter is at the same place (well, apart from regular chat, which again i find ok tho that just might be me...) And sorry, havent run v1.2 derivates since shenanigans with Emerald, can you tell me how comunications are done
  12. Jean Horten wrote: I'd use Kirsten's S21 if it would not have the same cluttered unuseable GUI like LL V2, cause I get insanely high FPS in Kirsten's. But what's insanely high FPS when you can't use a viewer due to everything that is not stuffed into the sidebar is being cluttered all over the screen? J. I really dont think UI in v2 is cluttered and unusable... Last time I checked with, oh, dunno, PS CS5, It has floating dockable panels similar to v2, and i dont see users used to PS 4 whine about it as much as people do with V2 viewer. Hands down, for some features old v1.2x is be
  13. You simply gotta love this kind of posts. Especially with given example as someting as trivial as moving arround. Ever played FPS? Missing one hand or you have hook instead of fingers so you need mouse driven walk? Other hand is bussy with sometin else? (coffee, soda, beverage, sandwitch) I mean please. Explain to us all how movement is much simpler in oh-beloved-God-given Phoenix viewer. Making clear that you will leave SL because of viewer (mind you that nobody actually forcing you or preventing you form using Phoenix viewer), means very little. Your oppinion on viewers is yours only. I thi
  14. Thats sctrange... With advanced menu enabled shortcut should work fine... But im glad you fixed it
  15. Leslie, you probably got stucked in wireframe mode... Try pressing Control + Shift + R and see if objects are solid again.
  16. To be honest, i understand his frustration. Each and every issue starts with "Its not me, its you"" approach. In lots of cases that is correct but it many its not. For example, I had problems with EVERY build after 2.5.2 including official one and I couldnt even run it. "Update .NET", "Check for viruses", "Update C++ redistribs", "What not". And do you know what was solution? Removing Winmm.dll that was shipped together with viewer (for unknown reason, since i have one native on in my system32) was causing issues in my case. Remember previous viewers worked just fine (and not having that dll s
  17. No problem, glad it worked for you too... And I know the frustration you went through as well
  18. Actually, when I said I have removed it, i meant the one from viewers installation directory, not from system32... Apparently the one compiled and shipped with viewer itself was making problems in my case.
  19. After some rummage through JIRA, apparently deleting (renaming) winmm.dll will stop causing errors, however im not sure what functionality is killed that way from viewer itself...
  20. Im gonna try on my work partition on Win 7 x64, but I really try to polute that partition with varios crap such as SL. And as said, untill loads of people experience similar issues, I can only cry about it... Thanks for your help mate Cheers
  21. Well its really not my fault that .NET spit out so "descriptive" error messages Thus making googling harder than usual. Its no longer beta/devel issue, now since official client is updated to 2.6 it basically restrict me from using official client. And since I never had any issues with previous builds its really hard for me to accept that issue is ONLY my side. Fact that seems like not many users have this issues, might point that there is issue my side, but I would really appreciate at least debug log telling what the hell went wrong. Reason I dont like Phoenix is because I loved Emerald p
  22. Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: Admitted .. was going for the obvious here by googling and without all too much attention to your specifics. Sorry about that. I realise it could also be possible that your beta-client relies on .NET functionality your system does not have (yet). Here's a link to all .NET Framework clients. .NET 4.0 is latest. Perhaps installing that might help your problem. I do suggest though you start installing from bottom to upward versions and see if your problem persists. Good luck. Thanks again, I didnt wanted to be rude or anything, its just dont know, like obvi
  23. Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: This is a common Windows error which shows when certain system files are corrupted, like USER.DLL or GDI32.DLL. This error might also occur when (re)installing servicepacks which cause .NET Framework apllications to be 'broken'. In case of a clean unaffected system I'd suggest you (re)install .NET Framework components. Perhaps check your 'Control Panel' -->'Software' for which versions already were installed. Googling will refer you also to possible virusinfection and/or registry pollution. You'll have to tackle those issues first before continuing with the
  24. Hello everyone, im having problem with ALL viewers past 2.5.2 (223426) with not very descriptive message "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)" Doesn anyone have similar issue (and eventually how to fix it), since my wild guess would be that if that pass from build to build most likely I will not be able to run next release, which is not acceptable for me since I refuse to use 3rd party clients (tho I really like Kirstens viewer but thats different issue). Here is my config taken from 2.5.2 (current release) Second Life 2.5.2 (223426) Mar 10 2011 17:38:45 (Secon
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