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  1. Same, chat support said "expect to be cleared in couple of weeks" ... filed ticket, but doubt it will change anything
  2. Yeah, maybe I didn't explained why I don't work with descriptions/names, so no worries. And yeah, relinking can be the issue obviously, but thats not my top concern for now. Thanks for the input Qie
  3. Because every single texture hud that I have seen out there (meant for designers who don't want to create their own huds for the sake of simpliciy without going into a debate how responsive reading notecard is on every single hud click) write some data in description/object name? And I can add my stuff on existing description, but highly doubt that other script will parse it properly after that (almost certain it wont). So to avoid storing my settings, and thinking if they will ever be overwritten by some other script (or appending the settings would break other scripts) I figured to rea
  4. Thanks for the JSON functions, I seriously need to check the updates considering that I have been idle for some time, and as I explained, the group names so to call them are variable (but would probably be smarter to make them constant to avoid unknown needle in a haystack)
  5. Not when your other script overwrites the name/description in its process, or I have misunderstood it so you meant the first time script is run? Also not following the bottom part especially when I have no idea about the names to begin with (yeah, I can make them static and say "name prims groups as A,B,C etc) just wondering how would I know the name change?
  6. Hello everyone, can anyone help me with the following issue I'm having I want to map the prims in the linkset based on their groups, and later do something with those grouped prims. For example: In a linkset there are prims 2,3,4 with Name(or description doesnt matter really) A. There will be also prims 5,6 with Name B, 7,8,9,10 with name C and so on. So I want basically to output the result (llOwnerSay, llSay doesn't matter) in the following manner a:2,3,4@@b:5,6@@c:7,8,9,10 (where a is the group name, then list of prims in the group and last part is lets say group separator fo
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