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  1. hey everybody hope everybody is doing alright i read some of the stuff in this thread and i would like to add my two cents.. I'm from Canada and yeah the virus is bad but I would like to share some hope the New York times report that a Vaccine could be Available by September by Pfizer and also the Oxford university is also working on one and it too could be available by September if all goes to plan and get Regulatory Permissions .. lets all hope these Vaccines come sooner than later So there's my two cents I hope everybody stays safe and be mindful
  2. there once was a Farm that had people RP as horses it was part of a Larger sim.. Nature trails and everything don't know if it still around since i haven't been in months
  3. what kind of perks are you giving away? I'm pretty sure if somebody is helping you with investing they'll want some sort of Ownership or some type of Management and what type of Guarantees do they have that you will stay open not just a week or two?
  4. Hello there I applied several times.. should i apply again?
  5. I recently finished up Rping there last year its sad that a place like doomed ship just faded from people.. the lady who owns it is pretty awesome.. but again its pretty awesome even if its to roam around
  6. There's doomed ship.. its sometimes empty but Definitive a horror based Rp place
  7. yeah for he said she said Dramas but again like somebody said before they can edited before hand so really its worth nothing
  8. IMVU is that a thing now?.. wow Haven't used that in years :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  9. Thanks alot but i was a jedi in swrp but like i said before a ex friend of mine caused drama there i talked to the 2nd lady in charge and she said i had to do all the traning again but the sim was pretty much empty most of the time and when there was something going on it was Security meeting or something else... thats a few reasons why i want to branch out in the swrp areas
  10. Thanks I'll go check it out
  11. Yeah your all awesome but like i said its a cool place.. somewhere that is a no Pressure RP place.. and thats a good thing
  12. Nah if you didn't violate any rules than your good.. its just they don't want bad reviews
  13. Hello there I been looking for a starwars Rp for awhile and i came up short and i know of swrp and all but i left due to drama that my former friend done there.. and i been wanting to get back into rping is there anything out there? :D
  14. Pretty cool place.. I have no real complainst except it could be a little bigger and more scifi*e other than that i'd say give it a go.. the owner is really awesome
  15. I iknow there's a mecha mod for the Rikugou but as far a Robot i have no clue i haven't seen anything in the main store but I haven't been there in about a month .. sorry to say
  16. Well it depends on what you are looking for some Sl families RP as Real Families and such and theres the type that just hangout and what not.. as for me this is my 2nd Sl family my first one Exploded with Drama and other Unfavorable things so I left and was found by a Nice lady .. Our Sl family is about Friendship and doing things together one thing we do is do grid hunts and such. so it comes down to what you want and looking for
  17. I did but they Move than they buldge out.. than move back to where they suspose to be but than buldge back out
  18. hello I just recently bought eyes for the Paws Feline head and the eyes will move out of place..move back in and Bulge back out.. is there way i can stop this from Happening.. thanks alot for your help :D 
  19. Hello there i been trying to figure out for days now how to make Music Scripts to put in a Box so when people walk in it plays I been searching for days oh sorry the song is 3:33 long or i could loop it Thanks for your time
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