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  1. CaseyFallen Popstar wrote: Yes, S.L. has games in it...but it is not a game. Life is a game and so is SL.
  2. With Y2K I was so worried about my computer and files and stuff like that. Nothing bad happened because humans took precautions. Now with the Stone Age Mayan Y2K am I supposed to be worried that floor will cave in because it's made of stone?
  3. In REAL LIFE, a beginning graphic designer makes at least USD$20/hr (L$5000/hr). I doubt you will find anyone willing to pay that in SL. They want you to create a graphic for them and then they pay you L$250. (USD$1.00) If you are truly a Commercial Artist, you wouldn't work for $1/hr, unless you are inexperienced and not really a *Designer*. To your customers... They get what they pay for.
  4. I use calling cards as a friendly polite way of refusing friendship offers. Instead of declining friendships, I just ignore the request and instead give them my calling card. It works pretty well. Jet
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