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  1. yes my shoulders seem different, too, but lately with new updates a lot of things are happening
  2. homestead are renting for 6500 , 7500 roughly for 3750 prims, it would be a bit difficult for you, to find someone to rent half the prims in a shared sim for 9 k? assuming you were talking weekly
  3. everyone deserves a chance, you said sorry, it is up to him to accept it, but if he is hurt it will take a while, usually it is best to let it go for a while and when things get calmer, talk again
  4. try The shops http://www.flickr.com/photos/theshops/8658671224/in/photostream, you can also customize by adding freckles, I think theres some cute ones in Mother Goose also
  5. I m pretty sure it is against the TOS, we are not allowed to give the rights of an account to another person , ALSO it would be silly, as you might do things with a person account, which the other person would be liable for
  6. http://wornclothes.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/new-dura-jp/ this is a recent blog from pekka with Ewan shape, which should go for Breeze skin mentioned before
  7. First of all, do you have yours updated? I mean, if you have your Xcite female thing looking smashing, the best thing would be to say to him, Oh honey can you get your Xcite too so we can play together, or something like that, if you do not have your Xcite female part, then say to him, you were thinking of getting it to look wonderful for him, and suggest that maybe he should get updated too, or something of the sort haha, good luck
  8. Favorites, Exile, Wasabi pills, Magika, Catwa, Epoque, Lelutka
  9. As the previous post says, Values are values in any world, drop him as far away asyou can, I m sure you can do much much better than an idiot with ALTS
  10. Have you checked out The Great Escape, they rent for days or weekend or week, it has all you want to in there, and they also for weddings, and it is really beautiful, and I m sure not that expensive
  11. I use Firestorm, but I was gonna try other third party viewers like the ones mentioned in this post, but overall Firestorm is a good third party viewer
  12. Nothing wrong with keeping your avatar always the same, as there is nothing wrong with changing it all the time, everyone does what likes to do, that is the whole point
  13. Wish you have a lot of fun, changing to be noticed is not a sin, as long as it is what you want, enjoy the changes
  14. Keep up to date, change often, specially skin, hair, add make up layers, different eyebrow shape, thing is, you do need to keep up to date with new stuff coming, so your avatar doesn't look outdated
  15. if you want two images of the same size though, make a third blank, I usually make a big one, and then I put the pictures there and resize them how I want them then cut the bigger one
  16. a person with great issues, playing different personalities and thinking people will buy it, just cause you write, Oh hey Im not me, i m my sister, the point is, you are no the only one in SL that does that, so dont worry too much, I m sure someone else will top it up
  17. I think it could be one of Meghindo's skins, the model I m pretty sure is Carley Benazzi, check her flicker see if it helps, has a blog too
  18. Just checked your flicker too, use of light is beautiful, great edits
  19. I think it has to do with the priority of the animation, turn off the AO when you pose as the AO might override some of your static poses, most of the time, the pose would not be affected by the AO though, it depends on the priority of the pose, also to set your eyes where you want them to look, you can use a hud, called Anypose it is free in marketplace
  20. they do look good, just shrink your head accordingly to the body
  21. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GLACE-PEARLS-Monokini-Set-with-Lolas-Tango-Applier/4356735 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Pink-Acid-Polka-Dot-String-Bikini-Red-Blue-Pack-Lola-Appliers/2513666 also try Luck inc, has a tiny bikini, with applier but not monokini or Aqua kisses
  22. i would keep the one with all the things and get rid of another, to make it easy, but otherwise the suggestion from before posters are great
  23. start by deleting demos, Lm, notecards, that will take a huge amount of trash out of inventory, then make main folder and subfolders for example HAIR- Brand and stop in that subfolder, when everything is in place, it will be easier to create the small subfolders, like Light Hair or Dark Hair, or any other classification, I do same with clothes, start with the bigger picture, and then when all is in place, make the smaller subfolders, for colour code or whatever system you want to put into place, and ofc delete anything you havent used in a week or two, cause you will never use it
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