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  1. omg Psyco friend of yours, anyway, block him, if you dont want to delete him, but I would delete him,totally!
  2. Try this, someone else recomended these nails long ago, and I havent stop using them, they will not deform, also lately I have been using Slink mesh hands, and many creators do the appliers for skin and many nails options so, I like using them, and last but not least, if you dont want to use mesh hands, Slink has avatar enhancement nails for normal hand, do not deform either, great to try
  3. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-and-renting-land-to-others/ta-p/700135 Some info in that secondlife link about renting and selling to others, also ofcourse your land/parcel has to be deeded to the group you are creating, then you set the permission you want anyone to have in the roles, usually a role for Everyone, would allow, if you tick the right boxes, to rez, make home there, change media parcel, manage ban lists or access and so on
  4. pink acid, baiastice, have something like that also this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CGG-Berlin-Tall-Boots-Black-Rigged-Mesh-Platform-Zipper-Boots/4813319
  5. Never prepaid anything in SL, regarding rent, if you are gonna rent from a big estate, established for very long time, then maybe you will prepay, but there is no reason for prepaying anything, specially from random landlords, hope your thing gets fixed
  6. For how long is this complain about TOS changes gonna last, PayPal people, please, you trust some random Xchanger with your details, but you cant use paypal? seriously, I guess until theres another TOS change to complain about, this will carry on and on
  7. I look at that user page, in marketplace he/she plainly states the name of real creator in the product, if you go and buy a VISTA animation from a random user that sells something with the same name, who is promoting the copyboting?
  8. A link to a post about that http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/Camera-in-front-view-when-the-avatar-walks/m-p/1864463/highlight/true#M15517
  9. you do not need to add any money on paypal, they will verified your account by depositing a cent amount into your bank, as previous poster said, paypal will take from your bank, no need for money to be in Paypal balance
  10. Agree with Azanor's comment, you shouldn't change and he shouldn't change
  11. If you are bored, you are bored, you need to say it, it is SL and your time is not to be spend being bored after all
  12. Well you should wear whatever you want to wear on your side, and in my side I just turn off Attach point lights, no big deal
  13. Try Debra's has all these kind of styles and they look hawtness https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/52275
  14. took you 6 months to discover he had tatoos..
  15. good luck, I agree with previous poster, and I add, stuff em, Congratz
  16. Maybe visit Bare Rose Tokyo, has some cool outfits, where you might be able to put that together http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bare%20Rose/146/11/30
  17. As they said, I think it could be Red Mint, visit the shop inworld look for that name, and also visit RAW house, it might be from there
  18. I get along with a lot of people that disagree with what I say, and I dont get along with people that agrees with what I say all the time
  19. I hate moving sliders, I also like some shapes but dont want the face, or viceversa, if they make skins for face only or body only, why can't something like that be done too, but for Shapes
  20. If the hair you liked was flexi, just Edit on the hair of the person and see the info, if it s mesh, you wont be able to see, but if Flexi then no need to ask, just edit on it, Lelutka still has the old hairs, and also I think Vanity hair, has some flexi moving hair on top of mesh hair, or D!va like someone else suggested, still has it, and of course Analog dog, that for some reason, it is coming back with mesh and still flexi new ones
  21. 4 is best, usually after you change graphic setting it will reset to under that, so if you change graphics often, like when taking pictures, set it back to 4 again
  22. Well you just Log in your SL page, Account and go down the menu to Delete account, read post related to it, as once you delete it is more difficult to recover or reactivate, maybe just leave it for a while, until you see if you decide to come back
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