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  1. Choose Slink Feet, as most skins now have appliers to match them
  2. Candydoll has some new shoes for slink, or in the Slink shop there are many kinds of shoes to use specially for Medium feet
  3. I recogn everyone can look how they want, because otherwise we would also be complaining about a furry being a furry or a vampire being a vampire and so on, you can show yours here and we can discuss your proportions
  4. maybe Eaters Coma or Dela
  5. Whats happen when you apply a skin applier? do they go to the applier colour?
  6. I always have trouble with those alpha in truth, too
  7. maybe in Pinkfuel, you have some minimizers check the store
  8. does the dress comes in pink and white in the same box maybe you have two dresses in there, the other thing could be, if you have touch the colour hud for some reason, but thats all I can think of
  9. Mesh anime head would be very much like that, theres this flicker link to have a look http://www.flickr.com/photos/le_mon/8945103841/in/contacts/
  10. this is similar https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dura-Boy38-NormalDEMO/4024358
  11. I agree that what you doing is cool, you are trying to help, but this can go both ways, you expect friendship from these people you are going to help, you might end up with some drama in your hands
  12. Crazy, hilarious, why you want to get together in a room to make peace? seriously
  13. try torso muscle less in the slider maybe
  14. Visit Rebourne, it has very realistic new realease backgrounds
  15. Sorry that happened to you, You asked for straight answers, I know you already know the answers to your questions, but sometimes it is easy when someone else says it. The SL relationship seem that has been too long, I think you want a full on time with her, and a RL with her, according to what you said, I am sure she doesnt want that, and probably was trying to cut you off for a long time, she is probably wanting some time to do her SL, she has become bored of the relationship, and do not blame her, or yourself, but that is the way it is, you can only do, so many things and then its done. I hope you feel better, and you will, just let it go, or you will keep wasting your time, so to say. Good luck!
  16. I wonder why some creators take the time to do their hair properly, Dela Lelutka Magika, Wasabi, where this problem doesnt happen as much, where you can wear the hair and wont make a problem alpha, and other creator's hair I wont mention, just keep having the problem
  17. If you cant buy those pieces how you gonna pay a commisioned custom avi? which probably wont turn up how you wanted, getting the pieces would be cheaper and you know that you like them already, my opinion
  18. If you ask me, A child avi, 5 days old, sure is not new to SL
  19. I believe PoseAnywhere the new version is good price and pretty good to pose other model, a bit more pricey, you have LUMIPRO, pose up to 4 models and have control of lights and all of that stuff, check flicker or maybe their blog for some info
  20. You can actually, but the picture or texture has to have full permission so open and click - or choose SAVE
  21. theres always someone doing nothing and getting ban! well as previously said, a sim owner can do whatever they want with their sim, if they dont want you there, well I m sure they have a reason, even if you were doing nothing!
  22. but most creators will sell rigged and unrigged so you can resize and have more options
  23. Well, now with skin appliers for feet and hands, the main skin creators carry them
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