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  1. you look fine, maybe wear different clothes style, but I dont think it looks like a child, how tall is the avi?
  2. well SL has all the dance card full with Oculus Rift, so I do not think there will be new projects in this old SL, and the new one, if they did what you want, the stages thing that sounds more like a Play station than Second life, as most of us think of it as a comunity I do not think putting limits as to where you can enter would work, but, you never know
  3. I actually use Firestorm the most, but for pictures I use Singularity as I prefer how the shadows look on it, and it doesnt seem as laggy on Ultra settings, but I m happy with firestorm, but i also use the SL Viewer, when I had trouble or when there are new updates in SL viewer that the others don't have, so I change around mostly here an there
  4. she can only transfer you items with transfer permission, she can rez furniture and give you edit rights so you can move them around, but when you go from that land, you can't take the things that she rezzed, they will be returned
  5. slink body is amazing, but regarding clothes, limited, as there are not many appliers clothes for it, it does have alpha hud, where you can wear your mesh clothes, or some of them, but if you are going to cover your whole body in mesh clothes, then there is no point on having a mesh avatar, the appliers make the body look great and you can even wear boobs on it, Deliq at least fit perfect but again, i wish there was more appliers, I supposed there will be more in time
  6. Maybe have a look also at the Manga fair http://candy-events.blogspot.de/p/manga-fair-2014.html
  7. Deetalez has a Deliq one, problem is using still the normal tango appliers, that were supposed to be manually fit, those dont go with the Deliq, some creators are making the Deliq applier, looking without that shade, on top
  8. Visit Dura Hair, you ll find some cool ones similar
  9. True they should have a demo, anything should, but the fitted meshed Deliq, go small too, i have mine body size boob at 38
  10. AR is fine, but the quickest action is to block the person, straight away, it seems you let it say all he has to say, and to top it all of, you IM him later, do not do this, if someone bothers you, just block and done
  11. Use Tango Deliq, they are fitted mesh, you just put them on, and fit perfect they can be adjusted with your shape, and there are tons of skin appliers and clothes
  12. FashionNatic and also an store called Soul, 60 L
  13. Try Wow meh mesh body, it is fitted mesh, so you can make your system boobs bigger and they will look round and beautiful on the mesh, you can use their own mesh hands and feet,but I use the slink ones, and now some skins are doing the applier for the body, check WOW skins, they are very pretty
  14. This is her flicker https://www.flickr.com/photos/grixdale/13713793565 maybe you can ask her in a message there, i thought i t was magika too or Lamb
  15. Customizing in SL takes time but you cannot compare what you can achieve customizing in SL to what youget customizing in IMVU, If you like to decorate, you get the full experience in the SL enviroment compare to the Imvu one, and yes prices are higher of course, Mesh is developing very fast, as are appliers, skins, clothes, and I also do not like using 5 tatoos layers and many alphas, but as I said, the final result is a most enjoyable experience, and that takes work Taking photographs that you can customize and then process is also something that lets you use all the customizing you like to use Also you would see many of the main creators or designers, are in both platforms, IMVU and Secondlife, adapting their stuff to both, Animations is another main thing in Second life, and it is developing very fast. I guess both have their pros and cons, according to what we like to do, we choose the comunity we like to be in, The main thing I would like to have, in SL, is the Imvu inventory access through web, where you can hide what you dont want, and keep the things you want and so on.
  16. Have a read at this other post, that tells why it happens, it is not you, but the creators I usually try buy things that are done without the glitch so this won't happen, check out the post first, it explain very good http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Fashion/Mesh-Hair-with-disappearing-edges-bug-help/td-p/1813715
  17. thousands in all of the above, but I do like buying houses, skins, hairs, mesh heads, mesh anything, and more
  18. It would be cheaper to buy a new skin for sure. A new generation skin from most known creators, although some good known creators, do the same skin over and over and they only change the name, but there aremany skins on the market, and the skin fair is justaround the corner starting on friday I think
  19. The Harley one, I think it refers to Harley from Pink fuel, it is really pretty skin, the shapes have the styling card included so when you buy it itshould tell you how to look like that, try Harley from Pink fuel you will like it, it is really customizable and pretty
  20. Write Ugly skin in marketplace, I could see quite a few, I think you can make any skin look ugly thought, if you change the shape on the face, it could work too for sure
  21. SID Riler


    I didnt get the question I think, but If you do not want your defaul boobs to show above the tango, make all the slide 0, and the cleavage joined so it hides and dont show default boobs on the side, or wear a minimizer to minimize the shadows of the skin you are wearing, most now have a minimizer layer
  22. Once you start using Slink Feet and appliers which are available in most skins now, you won't go back to shoes that are not for slink feet so much easy and less things to attach, once you have your feet on never take them off, just add the shoes
  23. After everyone collaborating to a fund for a lawsuit and court charges that never was, 20 000 dollars or around that, she should be giving skins for free, at least
  24. You need skin applier, most known skin now have them, and also edit them to position them accordingly to your body copy your shape and use one for the boobs, as you need to make the boobs 0 size and adjust the cleavage or gravity all well flat so the other boobs fit right, some skins like alvulo or even Pink fuel also add to the applier one minimizer layer so you have the best skin around the boobs all matching, it might take time, to fit them properly, but once you have done it, you dont need to move them again
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