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  1. I find that appliers is the way to go when it comes to matching skins, there is though a few programs to pick RGB, check RGB color pick, i think theres another called colorpic, but even when you choose a pretty similar one, there will be differences, find if your skin creator, does appliers just in case
  2. very interesting, looks like you have put a lot of work into it, a very cool concept
  3. I think anyone and everyone can and should post in forums if they want to, if they feel like asking a question that has been answered 100 times before in a knowledge database let them be, if you do not want to answer that questions for the 101 times, just don't look at the post, but do not suggest that just because someone post a silly post, is doing the wrong thing, that's my opinion, seriously, people that posts all the time in the forum sometimes think they have the Director stick, well you don't, me, I like reading and answering and I never make a forum question, because like you said, I go first to where I can find the answer but, man if they want to ask, whatever they want, that's anyone's right
  4. The position looks good, better than I have seen, the applier never works ok even when its the right skin, mesh mouths are good for pictures, but I never liked them to wear around, did you try PXL sweetlips, they fit pretty good, and you can use quite a few skins with them, but as I said, I think they are only good for pictures
  5. if you took that pic from her flicker I guess, you ll see she has a blog http://ohlookitsablog.com/, should be all credits in there too
  6. huge muscles a no no, but each to their own, if I have to choose an avatar to look at and like I prefer something more like TMP
  7. like previous post said, yes they should be the normal boobs, not fitted as the fitted will not look good if your boobs are flat in default, the problem is you need applier and if you dont want to change your skin, they will look different, boobs can only match when you use applies trying to do it manually will not work properly, also you can use a skin that has some male definition in muscles, there are some that are for female but they look like a bit more manly and they have appliers for boobs
  8. I get what you mean, some complete avatars are pretty basic, and starters, maybe try demos of mesh bodies and heads and different skins too, if you want something more up to date, but if you want the default avatar, probably shop around for skins a bit more
  9. Mesh head you will find in shops, if you only have slink physique, try maybe Fiore mesh head, also The mesh project TMP, fits ok, if you get maitreya body, you can then try the Lelutka mesh heads, they are very pretty, check blogs and try demos everywhere, I do not agree with people that says all will look same, to tell you the truth if all people using mesh heads look same is just due to them being lazy not to try and make a different look I have all mesh heads and bodies that come out, and it is fun to mix them up all designers make most skin appliers so it is easy to find a look you like, good luck in your hunt
  10. T.whore sexy fur stole, if you write T.whore in Search will come up the location, I don't have it handy here
  11. Yes I think the picture might have been photoshped adding a fringe, love that hair too
  12. Try Altamura mesh avatars their feet also feet shoes for slink feet, Eve mesh body and head also pretty good and not pricey, mesh body and heads, are just a better look, although you can wear a mesh body and use default head, most mesh bodies will go good with default head too
  13. Here is the blog for that http://www.cerberusxing.com/2015/03/cerberusxing-is-participating-in-secret.html
  14. buy slink mesh head visage, has really good face animations, also Fiore from vive9 mesh head
  15. As previous post says, the Mesh project body, hasnt got that title you mention, it should say Deluxe mesh or something like that
  16. they release the body to the bloggers today, and apparently will be out during the weekend, I still love love The shops body, but i will try this one too
  17. As previous post, thats what you can do, although in my opinion i like to wear appliers, which show the actual body shape, if we use all the alphas there is no point to use a mesh body, but it all depends, specially medieval which might cover the whole body
  18. the body should be fitted mesh, so it will move with your sliders, you cant remove your shape and skin from underneath but the alpha will cover that
  19. Skins are in his flicker page if you want to check https://www.flickr.com/photos/124601226@N06 but like others said, try demos
  20. they don't have the best customer service, and when they don't answer it is cause they probably have no idea what causes it. I asked why the style mode once it is full, we can't take things out and they do not know or they wouldn't bother update it with something so simple as to delete things out of the hud, whatever
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