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  1. Have you fixed this yet? The same thing happened to me and drove me nuts. I discovered eventually that it was a setting in my Firestorm preferences. In the Move & View tab>"Enable Crouch Toggle mode". Untick that and you should be back to normal.
  2. I wrote a long reply and just as I posted authentication failed so here goes again. The name tag is on the mSkull. Try moving it up in edit mode to be as high as a human one (1.75 metres) See the pictures below to see the difference. Moving it also has the advantage that the height of the feet on the ground does not need to be adjusted. 
  3. You need to use the Avastar exporter and not the blender file exporter which doesn't work for SL. The Avastar exporter is located under the camera icon in the properties window, below the Bake section. You also might prefer to export as .anim there instead of .bvh for efficiency.
  4. That's done the trick Medhue. I've never needed to do this in the past, pre-bento for my critters but I'm very happy to know the workaround. Thank you for the tip.
  5. I knew you were busy. I've applied scale and use translations both in the export of the model and the skeleton but I had forgotten this for the animation I made so your reply helped a lot. There is some improvement when playing the animation but the eyes are on huge long stalks and the head is squashed in. I'll experiment some more.
  6. I wonder if that's what went wrong with my koala bear head which will be part of an avatar. Here are pictures from a new model and bento skeleton.  Here it is in blender showing the face bones scaled and locations moved. This now makes it possible to reach the bones for animation while also fitting a head that needs to be a fair bit bigger than a human  .
  7. I missed off a zero I'm sorry and feel silly. I did mean 200k - 500k of course. Yes I meant the process credit fee. That is enough to encourage merchants to hoard.
  8. It does affect cashing out as far as I understand. There is a 15USD charge whether I cash out 200,000 Lindens or 500,000 so it's cheaper to wait.
  9. I am hoarding my Lindens. I don't own a sim so I don't need to pay tier so I'm hoarding as much as I can to offset the 15USD process credit fee. Not everyone owns a sim. Other friends of mine are in the same position. I have just offered my hoard at 249. I don't care if I have to wait 6 months or more for the lindex to stabilize but it will sit there waiting until it does.
  10. In my opinion as an artist, the appearance of the hand at the bottom of the picture is aesthetically the nicest of all and I can see how the bone arrangement in the proposed optimised hand bones could fit fit that mesh better. I would assume Gaia has done some experiments to find that this new proposal also works better for animation and I would trust her on that.
  11. Thank you. I need to teach myself constraints more than just glancing at them
  12. That's wonderful Medhue. How were you able to so quickly switch between moving bones on both sides at once rather than just left or right? Perhaps you could share how this is possible in your next video. It's so time consuming to move a bone then go below the window to copy and paste mirrored.
  13. There is aLeft Ring Finger and aRight Ring Finger. These both follow the bone movements of those fingers.
  14. In the mirror modifier there is an option to mirror vertex groups. This might have become unticked from the default so make sure that is ticked and then move the modifier to the *top* of the stack. I don't use shape keys so maybe someone else can help there.
  15. I don't know where you live but in the UK, EVGA GPUs are guaranteed for 10 years. If it will fit and if you could afford it, I would recommend a nvidia EVGA GTX 780ti. The price is lower now the GTX 970 is out but its performance is supposed to be the same. In your price range and what will definitely fit being smaller in size, is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 750.
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