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  1. The point is... it's still buggy, I cant post when I am anywhere else, and please... fix it!
  2. OK, so they hav offered me to swap my 10M/1M ADSK copper line for a 50Mbit synchronous Fibre line - and all the problems were gone. Apparently the client cannot cope with slowish upload speeds. Since that change, there was not ONE single snapshot which didn't work. Maybe that helps debugging the problem.
  3. Presumably they are still working on it, Maybe. I have been lucky to upload a few snapshots, but for the last few day's it's been impossible for me to do anything. Bit frustrating.
  4. Yes, the feed has always been problematical, and many, many people stopped posting because of the constant issues. I mean even LL requires you to post to flickr, and not their own feed, for the SL pic of the day! But I fail to understand the logic behind it: you invent a darn cool like the feed with messaging function, make it work some 90%, but then you stop all apparent development on it. After a while you disable the feed messages (was there ever an statement announcing the reason?), but the rest continues to work (more or less). I miss a statement by LL. Is the bug marked resolved because it was in a wrong category, or is it resolved because the machines which kept the feed alive have been shut off?
  5. Well, let's just hope that the bug was formally not accepted on this JIRA and thus closed, but that behind the scenes somebody is working on the issue.
  6. Both feed and messages were incredibly buggy and unreliable. But they were such a cool feature to have! Especially for the faceboook and flickr haters. I miss the messages a lot, and if LL decided to take down the feed permanently, I think that this definately would be a step in the wrong direction.
  7. Unfortunately the piano needs tuning, and using a headset micro was not the wisest decision neither Hope you like it anyway http://smotri.com/video/view/?id=v1800501be94
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