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  1. Just to clarify there's tons of people calling themselves and thier friends crazy. But when a real lunatic like meh gets down with them, they get scared. All the sudden I am the "bad kind of crazy."
  2. Right, back on topic. Just keep in mind that Linden LABS doesn't care about petty, grade school shenanigans . If you get attacked in SL don't talk to the attacker, and don't tell hem you've placed them on block. Report it to the sim owner and leave.. Keep you alot less angry... And frankly some of you seem angry eneough as it were.
  3. Good question. But here is he sad answer: Just OK to pretend.
  4. Burper Tilling wrote: Unfortunately you can't be banned for bad spelling or 'creative' spelling affectations I believe it is possible to get banned for saying Linden Labs instead of Linden Lab, though. Nice try, kibble hed.
  5. You can, my old account was banned for not paying until I sorted it out with Linden lab.
  6. She wants to know if the history from those SL TVs that let you use the internet is saved or not. But honestly, I've never pulled one up and saw the.. porn.. someone else was looking at. before. But I can't say for sure if it's saved or not.
  7. Things one can and can not get banned for: Can not be banned: -Crashing, hudding, attacking, folks on non-linden labs owned sims. It's up to the sim owner to deal with that load of kibblez . -PM related non-sense and yelling. -Addmiting one is a grifer. -Clicking an object someone is using than clicking STOP. (Always fun, that). So yea don't borther reportin' folks for that stuff , report to the sim owner. Really, you'll be mocked and proably tracked throughout SL if your response was amusing enough. Can be banned: -Child abuse related stuff. -Copy boting. -Any forum of grifeing on Linden Lands. -Possibly crashing resident owned sims repeatly. -Failuer to pay for premium membership. Anyways, thanks fer readin' mah post. I hope it helps the young ones out there with nothing more than a Misty hud and a dream...
  8. All my friends have left so I'd like to meet people new to SL, so that we can explore and have fun together. I'll also give you free and cool items that you can rez in a few select sims as well, to get you started, If you are interested please contact me in world. ShiShi The Wicked (Nagumi Yazimoto).
  9. Yeah, people from Turkey are an issue. Same with Russians you will see on every ban list.
  10. Anyway who has the landmark to thier place, please send it to me in SL.
  11. ROFL ! K, send me a friend request if you like. ShiShi The Wicked or Nagumi Yazimoto.
  12. We can be friends.. I am Nagumi Yazimoto or ShiShi The Wicked. We can have fun, because I like fun stuff.
  13. I will become your friend if you like, as well as give you a very special item that very few people have in SL as it can not be bough. And a list of sims where my friends hang out to use it. And that way, you'll be able to make many more new friends. Please send me a message in world, Nagumi Yazimoto. or ShiShi The Loyal.
  14. It will be fine, I will give you a 'special item' to have "sepcial" interactions with my firiends in these sims. I'll teach you how to use it, and ask that you go to sims where you can connect with my old friends for me, as well perhaps make a few new friends yourself along with having me as a new friend.
  15. RudolphFarquhar wrote: Sephina Frostbite wrote: What you wrote is very clear. You see, my contention is proved; Sephina has demonstrated at length that she doesn't have the first clue, so if SHE understands you then you must be completely incoherent. **********Rudi********** You're the only one pretending like you can't read and understand English, using it as a petty and childish means to devert from the real topic. But she is right, it's clear your just clingling onto this "Incoherent" nosense for whatever reason now, and I'll let it go before you end up seeming even more like a fool.
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