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  1. Stupid question but here's my two cents worth, two people walked into my LL home, trolled me by using my bed while I was stood there in the same room. The statement made that states orbs are to have power over people is ludicrous. LL home owner's pay real money to have the perks that are offered one of those is a home, so that becomes our private space for us to spend time with people we want to spend time with or just be alone, choices we make and an extension to this is using a security system .. Key word "choices" something that everyone is entitled to.
  2. Cam in pick it up and then delete all his stuff, pee in the Orange juice, cam back inside, put the juice back and then anything that's left that you can't delete just turn it until side down.
  3. The best part of decorating my LL home is camming everybody's house to see what inspiration I can get, I seen someone who had unicorns all over their bedroom and hell yes I went and inspected them and I bought them and I am very happy about it, If no one ever "copied" anyone ISL then Designers would be pretty much useless. I think this "statement" is very child like and ridiculous.
  4. There are none available right now, they go REALLY fast, I got mine by refreshing the page constantly which I believe has rules now because so many people were using an auto refresher. There is no hidden way to a New linden home.
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