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  1. When I found out that LL is thinking of taking away the ability to see when our friends and aquaintences are online, I was shocked. This is a service that I have come to greatly depend upon. I work from home and when I'm not on SL il gives me the ability to see if someone I have told I'd catch up with later or the next day comes on, I can log in and meet them. It also helps me to track my time on SL, which to my other family members is important. I have grown to count on this type of service and feel that not being able to do so is an infringement of our inworld and real world freedom. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on this avie and her inworld life is very important to me. Having information when someone is online provides a "safer" SL and helps me to know in many ways who is trustworthy and who is not. I believe that by taking the scripting ability to see who is and who is not online, and when they are online infringes upon my rights as a user of SL. I have thorougly enjoyed being able to have the knowledge I do and it's convenience. I know their are some who do not want this feature and I'm sure it's because they live a duplicitous life on SL, using alts for malicious reasons, of course these people will object. Being able to see what someone may be up to on an alt, is a protective feature and helps to protect ones emotions and relationships from deceptive and malicious people. I'm a very smart woman and long before I had the ability to see when someone was or was not online, I was able to figure out alts. Having the ability to see when they do come and go, is a good confirmation and has saved me from several relationships that would have been emotionally harmful to me. I feel that LL needs to take this into consideration. Having this ability is more of a "SAFETY:" net than anything else. Thank you for considering what I'm saying. Alexxis Foxdale
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