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  1. It's ok to have high standards and you shouldn't feel badly if you do. Be patient and at the most unexpected time, you'll get a great house. I am guilty of having my fair share of cabins and Vics; however, I, unlike some, do not leave my homes vacant and unused. I use my alts, as you will very rarely see Alexxis Foxdale anywhere in SL. For obvious reasons, I stay off of her and use only my alts and I do need homes for them. Just want to say, if I can find great parcels, so can you!! lol, keep the faith and don't give up.
  2. Thanks Faydra for that info! A couple of hours ago I let go a beautiful trad, one I would have loved to keep; however, I just didn't use it. My friends are going in the direction of cabins, but I find it becoming a waste of my time and money. It's a little disconcerting and makes me want to chuck all efforts, as I am quite happy with what I have. The only thing I can say is, it's fun playing the addictive and yet harmless lottery of homes. However, I have a few really nice cabins on my alts and would like another, but all I get are land locked cabins and I'd rather not have one and cancel my p
  3. Getting ready to drop a cool Trad, which I've nicked named "the mile high house", as it sets on a REALLY high hill. For anyone who wants LOTS of privacy, this is the perfect setting or perhaps, if you want to feel like the queen of your castle, it's great. The backyard has a cute rock garden setting, with flowers and butterfly's; also, the back yard is nestled in the side of a huge hill, for lots more privacy. I hope the person who gets it, will fall in love. Releasing it at 10:30 p.m. SLT. Mauh !
  4. I agree or I wouldn't have kept as long as I did, but I was looking for my perfect house and I had to give this one up to get it... I'm just surprised that it's been in circulation so much
  5. Just stopped in to see what's going on today and gee my old house is back in circulation again... hmmm, I guess no one REALLY likes it that much !
  6. Thx for the info.... I'll be releasing one on Cobbs End in a little while. On the map, it's at the point closest to the water. Great location, just not what I'm looking for. I'll let everyone know, fifteen minutes before I release… more to come in another day or perhaps again later today. Will keep the forum updated.
  7. I'm good with a beautiful Mathius water front soooo, just helping out a friend, thx
  8. When I found out that LL is thinking of taking away the ability to see when our friends and aquaintences are online, I was shocked. This is a service that I have come to greatly depend upon. I work from home and when I'm not on SL il gives me the ability to see if someone I have told I'd catch up with later or the next day comes on, I can log in and meet them. It also helps me to track my time on SL, which to my other family members is important. I have grown to count on this type of service and feel that not being able to do so is an infringement of our inworld and real world freedom. I have
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