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  1. I'll make my very last post here, because you seem very authoritarian in your judgements. Is that an order? So let me ask you, are you a moderator here, or are you in charge of any superior power in the forum? If so, please be so kind to state it. Or are you a forum member like anybody else? If the latter is true, then your opinions are as good as anybody else, and same goes when you say HL people fabricated things. I've read endless assumptions and fabrications not responding to reality, and all those seem okay to you. City supporters have come to me horrified by some of the users in the thre
  2. And here comes again the smearing machine! You didn't poke me, you asked, with your usual class and kindness (Who the hell are you?) And I simply answered. False again! I explained and explained and explained, and you kept going with assumptions. The only thing I didn't disclose (the technical problem) is one that involves LL and I am not going to give anyone the chance to smear a company that has been collaborative in a timely fashion. Once again, are you someone entitled to know? No.
  3. Wow, Fiona's magic is back. "Djehan remained suspiciously silent" Bam! And all the people who are not attentive enough will think "Hey! This Djehan has something to hide!" What a trick! You're so clever and subtle. Let me answer you about that one: Djehan, as you may have guessed from the thread title, is busy saving the sim. She's talking to donors, to the press, she's even taking the time to kindly answer all the people visiting the sim and approaching her. Now Fiona, are you a donor? No. Are you one of the people who take the time to tp to Hangars and talk to her? No. Are you a Linden in ch
  4. Last two posts go back to issues that have been already covered and explained, so please go back to the previous posts. Overall yearly costs are 6.000 and not 6.700. A dear family member just got out of surgery room and is luckily fine so you will forgive me if I take a pause from this thread. Best to all.
  5. Donations which are meant to specific no profit goals (in this case keeping the artwork alive by paying servers for a year) are always given back should such target not be reached. That is a very common no profit practice aimed at transparency and clarity towards the donors. Edit: in this case the minimum goal is 3.000, which are due by August, 1. The other half can be paid in smaller installments throughout the rest of the year. Should that not be reached, donations will be given back to donors.
  6. I would rather look at the matter from a simplier perspective: i would look for a rule that prevents no profits from getting donations in order to pursue their mission, be it rl or sl.
  7. Let me add: no one is charging anyone. The sim builder can’t sustain the artwork anymore. We are asking the city supporters whether they want to support the sim with donations or not. This is very common in the art system. Donors want their favourite sim to exist, their favourite artist to maintain it and, more in general, take a stand for a world where art and culture are possible.
  8. Hey Foxy, people are free to care or not. There’s nothing bad. Selene is a very kind person, please!
  9. Hey Kira, you can actually stay anonymous !https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/526856-Do-I-have-to-show-my-name-when-I-contribute- Thanks for your committment!
  10. That's kind and we're very close to the first target due on August, 1! Thanks for your committment! And yes Djehan is always kind!
  11. Its a very good suggestion, and actually HL was created as an art sim even if all kinds of rpers always joined in. We're doing a fundraiser on Indiegogo thanking the donors wuith apartments in the commercial sims, so similar to what you're suggesting!
  12. I don’t like melons. I blame the people who don’t understand they taste like polystyrene 😂😂😂
  13. On a train right now, here’s the Slurl: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hangars Liquides/126/131/2227
  14. at home by the pool and at the city beach (Hangars Liquides)
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