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  1. I kind of suspect that this kind of question (moderately vague, gender oriented) would get lost in the humor- and gender-based answers. As (at least) one other person has suggested, your question in itself is gender-based, but it is best to refrain from considering the gender in any way whatsoever. The TOS define what is considered abuse and it (IMHO) revolves around harassment and technological disruption quite a bit. If you find this person doing (including, but limited to) those things as defined in the TOS, your question is answered. Besides, if it was considered abuse to simply choose
  2. I couldn't have put it better, myself. I'd also like to see the advertisement for that laptop. It likely also includes the Golden Gate bridge.
  3. Even though it seems that your questions have been answered, I'd like to interject. Firstly and foremostly, NO - there is no SL-based means by which another avatar may intercept IM-based chat. I say SL-based because there is always the possibility that one's id/password at the computer, itself, could be obtained. If the person is reasonably (or totally) sure that their id/password has not been compromised, that isn't the issue. (standard PC security practices including anti-virus, using a firewall package or internet gateway, and actually using passwords that aren't easy to figure out usual
  4. With no doubt, people will benefit from that article if they read it. Personally, I detest the usage of the word 'lag' and think a slightly more-descriptive term would really help a lot of people. In my mind, even the non-technical should be able to distinguish the difference between (all compared to 'spec') a) slow internet connection, b) slow computer, and c) slow sim. As that article also shows, most are determined by knowing your own computer and reading a few numbers.
  5. True. The count of objects does not change. There is no folder count display. However, it still is an item in terms of "something I must load when producing an inventory list". One would be very unwise to believe that - if you decided to add 1000 folders to your inventory - it would have no effect and not require loading in the future. This applies to any user-created folder.
  6. So many people misuse the word 'lag' so, technically speaking, it's hard to address the 'lag is killing me' part of your question. There are so many things that can cause your SL client to run slowly that it's hard to answer objectively without a better description of what it is that's running slowly. Is it bad FPS (frames per second), textures not appearing, you cannot move? Then, there's the typical thoughts about whether (or not) the sim is running slowly and it had nothing to do with you at all or do you simply have an extremely slow computer (in general) or slow internet connection. A
  7. Seriously.. Daria.. (I'm chuckling, but not at your plight but rather the dialogue that occurred) Firstly, unless there's something grotesquely 'wrong' with the content of the messages sent by you to this person, I wouldn't even think again about that person, the dialogue, or an AR. Secondly, the type of language used (the 'bacon' reference, but not yours.. theirs) is pretty common amoung the people I've met, on SL. There's a very strong urge, it would seem, to lazy-speak or lazy-type. I'm not certain whether (or not) these people can actually spell the words they're trying to communicate
  8. To put it simply, no. It is a randomly generated number, with no correlation (directly) to your location.
  9. I'm no lawyer. I happen to find the disclaimers of "automatic consent" quite annoying, so.. .. I added one myself. However, mine says (to the effect of) "If I find your message abusive or against SL TOS in some way, they will be disclosed." The right to disclose forms of abuse of TOS is certainly not a violation of TOS. (in the cases in which I was involved, people were using the multitude of tools available to them to chat-spy, cam-spy, and other various such things)
  10. Well.. since you mentioned morons, specifically, I'm sure that Darwinism will eventually take over and weed them out. Okay.. honestly, I'm with one other person and wondering. How can people just "know where you are" so they can harass you? Even if there are 200 members, the chances of them finding the precise location and time you travel is pretty low. I'm no vigilante. If Linden Labs doesn't take care of it, it's their reputation and 'system' at stake - whatever the issue, troublesome person, etc. All I can suggest - if you need/want a proper response - is to make sure you have proper
  11. Well.. if you feel that the skirts make you look too big, that's a shame, but I think the answer might be fairly easy. The non-prim skirts float over the body of the avatar, just because of the way that the SL client handles them. Nothing (of which I am away) changes that, so no matter what kind of non-prim skirt it is, you will always notice that it makes that part of the body of the avatar look bigger. Sure.. it's not great, but - as you've seen - prim skirts are much more-configurable and probably the way to best get away from the 'fat' appearance of the non-prim skirts.
  12. Lone, I have seen just this such issue before. There is a setting on the Advanced menu, under the Network section, called "Velocity Interpolate Objects". If this was turned off (unchecked) I have experienced the same as you. I could go into a technical explanation, but I won't until (or if) requested, You may view the advanced menu by hitting <control-alt-d> and hide it with the same keys.
  13. Without knowing a *lot of of specific information, it would be hard to determine exactly what PC any person would require to do their "tasks" including SL use, but the first thing that occurs to me - when buying a computer, if I don't feel I know all of what I need to know - is to get somebody in front of me who *does. Sure, we can all offer some advice, but I don't see how it's possible to get a "cheap" PC that does things well. As for usage with SL goes, faster is always better. However, better isn't cheaper. I would not wish to delude you into thinking you're going to get a great PC wit
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