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  1. [Player Perks]: Welcoming and active community. Access to a dedicated full-region with a land capacity of 20,000 and ~ 1,631 in traffic. Access to our Private Discord server. Free standard issue equipment for new recruits. *Regular Updates* Free Pandorium Alliance Exclusive RP System. *Regular Updates* In-game currency and armaments shop. Resource gathering system. Frequent defense and assault combat operations using LLCS *Linden Labs Combat System* *Prospective members can join Pandorium Alliance by filling out an in-world
  2. Disclaimer: This music contains language that you might -- due to your own sensitivities -- find offensive. Otherwise, let us bask in the glory of ear shattering and brain racking music!!! For the best of experiences, watch in the highest resolution available to you and view in full-screen. :catmad:
  3. No one ever got anywhere by listening to nay sayer's. Don't take this as a slight, for those of you who aren't to keen about this. I'm just saying... this is definitely something that I am interested in. I downloaded an IRC client, in-part because I specifically saw this thread. Hopefully your chat room is still up and running, I guess I will find out soon. :smileylol:
  4. I am interested in all outlets of Second Life's content creation capabilities, e.g. mesh, audio design, sculpted prims, texture design, Linden Scripting Language, animation, etc. To be more specific, not only am I looking for an instructional group, but one that allows for content creators to converse amongst themselves about "the tricks of the trade" so to speak, as well as the sharing of ideas. So far, I have only encountered Second Life groups that are more geared towards a question's and answer's type discourse. Perhaps my desire of such an ideally specified group is one that already exis
  5. Hi there! :matte-motes-nerdy: I want to connect with other content creator's and lsl programmers, can anyone in the community recommend any active groups or in-world meetups? Thanks in advance!
  6. I found this computer online that meets most of my wants and what I intend to use it for. But as far as the graphics card and power supply go, I am a little concerned. For this price and with these specs it's difficult to find another option that will even come close or top it as far as the price range goes. Once again I'm no computer technician, but I'm curious if the graphics card and power supply can be upgraded to something better? Also, if the graphics card is powerful enough to run second life on high performance without any problems, as well as other graphic intensive programs, and game
  7. Would you say that building a computer by hand is more cost effective than buying a pre-built computer or a gaming rig?
  8. Hi creative content designers, film makers, and IT specialists! I'm looking to purchase a quality workstation computer for post-production work, and game development. I've already done some online browsing on various sites: newegg, hp, lenovo, gateway, asus, dell, wallmart, bestbuy, ibuypower, alienware etc. and have come up quite short in my search for a tower computer that would be great for my needs. Because there are a lot of computers out there I don't know where to begin. Considering the fact that I'm not an IT specialist, or a veteran in the entertainment industry I need some help in ge
  9. Just looking for people interested in all things geek and nerd. i.e. computer programming, games, fps shooters, technical stuff, 3d artistry, digital art, concept art, film making, watching movies, cartoons etc. Contact Lance Ametza in world and he will get back to you as soon as he can. *beep*
  10. KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.
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