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  1. I have trying for 3 weeks now to use the Oculus system. I am unable to locate explicit instructions for setup and operation, is there some big secret to this?
  2. Hi, I have heard that you guys are going to upgrade the system soon, If that's true, is EVERYBODY going to lose their Inventories? They represent alot of hard-earned money spent (especially on my part,lol)...
  3. Are you guys doing something on the grid today? I can't seem to get my avatars to rez in and everything else takes a very long time, please explain, thank you
  4. There always seems to be lag on your side of the meter lately, I've scanned my PC and the programs say that I'm OK. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my viewers several times and the problem doesnt go away. This is really irritating ad I need to have it fixed, please help.
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