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  1. How do I allow people to come into my linden home... I did something , don't know what..but now My friends cannot enter my home..Any help would be greatly appreciated ..thank you
  2. I use to be able to put my mouse over a person's head and see their name..now that does not happen..It may be something I touched..I really do not know..an y suggestions?? thanks in advance
  3. Greetings,,How do I go about having my chats and messages remain permanently? It was permanent before I did a re-start but now any message I send or chat i begin , I can no longer find on my computer..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..Celeste
  4. at the very top on the right hand side . there appears what looks liked a TV. I clicked on it and what appear was the word Default. I clicked on it and a green check mark came up by the default word.. Now I do not know how to remove the green check mark. Can some one tell me how to go about removing the check mark..Believe me I know this is probably a dumb question but I am baffled. Any help would be appreciated, or tell me where to go to get the answer..Thanks in Advance
  5. hello, I am having difficulty when go to the marketplace. It takes the minimum of 8 to 10 minutes to go to the next "choice/page"..This has just started the last 2 weeks or so,,I have had my computer cleaned..in case that was the problem.I may have to live with it but was wondering if anyone else has had that issue Second issue..where and what in peference do I click on to be able to see by use of my radar..the furtest distance that I can see..thanks to any one who takes time to answer these questions for I know they are not life or death questions...these things are just annoying me... thanks Celeste
  6. how do I allow access to my linden home..thank you
  7. I am trying to add a credit card and I keep getting this response "temporary error occurred"
  8. to repeat....just got a new Computer installed SL,I can not get any audio...my speakers work fine...but not on SL ..the computer is an Alienware X 51..I dont know if that matters any suggestions woujld be grteatly appreciated Thank you for responding....and to answer your question...I cannot...i tried with Pandora as well as shoutcast...pandora said ,,that perhaps a fiewall or browser Plugin may be preventing it from loading. Thank you both so much for your responses, for I am a very happy camper,,,I played around until I got Pandora to come on and install...That may have changed things in my Sl....thank you both for responding me ,,It Helped me to see , I was not alone and that there is help out there,,,again thnk you
  9. I would like to change my premium linden home, how would I go about it,,,thanks in advance
  10. hello . I would appreciate any help on this. I have saved a lot of "outfits” with the click of my mouse. I love this feature..I am .able to click on "wear" and it all comes on, It is so convenient..but i now have a lot of "outfits " many have become out dated and i would like to remove them from the outfit list...but i do not want to loose all of the items ,for some of the items i am still using,,,how do i take away some of the "outfits"...thanks in advance fore any help. Celeste
  11. does SL viewer have radar ability like Phoenix or must I purchase it...thanks in advance for answer
  12. i have placed many outfits in the "my outfits" selection....now when i go to get them ( i go to "edit my outfit") i get this response - broken_link I checked and rechecked my inventory the items are no longer there,,,anyone else have this problem ?...and is there any solution ? anyway to get my items back? thanks in advance for any help...celeste
  13. If I knew where you lived I would leave you a dozen roses..i have re-installed sl at least 4 times nothing changed anything. I have been sooo frustrated...so thank you so very much...for it WORKED......thank you soo much...how did you know ?
  14. when i click on an object (any object)..the object becomes highlighted but the object itself becomes no longer visible..so all i have at this point is an highlighted object which is invisible,,.This happens also when i click on avatar all dissapears but the hair...then when I click on the highlighted arrows then the edit menu itself dissapears. Help please...have had this problem for a week..i have installed it several times in hope that would correct itself. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  15. when i try to change my profile picture the only option it gives me is to "choose file"...???...I have snapshots in my inventory but i am not able to use them...???..thank you
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