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  1. Full disclosure -- Clearly I gave this auction too much time because no one was bidding. Come to find out, you were all waiting for the last day to have a bid war. Me, being the land sale noob, I had no idea this is what you guys were up to. Changing the rules on my sale is my prerogative. Someone made me a good offer I liked, and now its a done deal. In this case, the worker ant got the the goods and all you crickets, cricket away. It took me years to put it up for sale because I don't want to deal with it. I just want to be done with it. And now I am, yay me. And all y
  2. An offer has been accepted and the sale ticket has been submitted and pending.
  3. Accepting offers via notecards only at this time, in increments of 10k, in the order they are received. Bidders will be notified if they are outbid via notecard. Thank you.
  4. Private island full sim, grandfathered, with 30k upgrade, for sale! Starting Bid is transfer fee: $300.00 USD (L$75,000). Buyer pays for transfer! Bidding Ends Oct 26th at 6PM PDT. Offers must be within Second Life only. Make your offer in-world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taunt/184/144/23 Sim tier due Oct 28th. Note, grandfathered sims give you a $100/month savings on sim tier! It is no longer possible to purchase grandfathering from LL; the only way is to buy a region that is already grandfathered! This sim has the 30k upgrade; that is, you get 30,000
  5. This is getting a big THUMBS down from me. Marketplace is taking money from my customers, the boxes are not delivering, my customers DON'T GET refunded, and I"m expected to give them their packages for FREE. My most active box keeps going offline, probably from overuse, and this is ridiculous. It should automatically refund the people. NOT keep the money. They are making FREE MONEY off us.
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