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  1. Because I have a 32-bit machine. The previous response solved the immediate problem. But I am still curious about why I get no sound using the LL viewer.
  2. The latest LL viewer. I just downloaded it last night. Second Life (Second Life Release)
  3. First let me say that while I am a longtime and competent user, I am not a nuts and bolts techie. I have been using Firestorm for years without any real issues or problems. But yesterday they ended support for their 32-bit Linux viewer so it no longer will work for me. So last night I downloaded the SL Linux viewer and while it is VERY different and is going to take me a while to get used to, it seems to work fine. With one exception. I do not get ANY sound. Nothing. No music. No ambient sound. No sound effects. No streams. Just silence. As I say I am not an expert, but I did what I
  4. Same here. There is no way I can find to turn it on. "Voice Morphing Off" can't be changed. I don't even see options to order any. Does it only work on Wind.... I can't bring myself to say it. Does it not work on Linux machines? No matter how many times I click on it, "Voice Morphing Off" remains.
  5. In no way is VICE being "phased out". More people use it than don't, and many have a serious concern with transitioning to a closed system owned and controlled by a single vendor.
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