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  1. I think the best place to start in RP is with you. Step one is to define the character you want to be. Once you know who you are it will be easier to get into any RP. This will take some thought, and visits to the RP sim you want to take part in, find some notecards about the sim, and build a you that reflects the place. Once you have done this it's just like real life....wander the RP sim, meet people. Just like in real life I find if the sim has a bar its a good place to start. You can also seach groups that pertain to the sim you want to RP in, find a group and contact the leader. Often eno
  2. I have heard people with meeroos blast on Bloodlines....like its any different,lol. Its not even that I am not a fan of meeroos, I am just offering an idea that I bet would sell. I would buy a meeroo coat for sure, and I bet a bunch of others would too .
  3. Meeroo skin coats, Meeroo stoles, rugs maybe.....meeroo foot keychains, you get the idea :P
  4. If sci-fi is your flavor you could go and harvest Spice at Splintered Rock
  5. No luck still with that Xev? Aww I hope you find someone that can do it for you.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Xev, Mos Espa is an awesome SWRP all around
  7. Are you an interstellar pirate, smuggler or a marauder in general? The Black Sun wants YOU! The Black Sun Pirates, formerly a canon SWRP group is being rebirthed for broad/non canon or "grey" sci-fi RP. We will be operated in a myriad of sims, from Splintered Rock to Botany Bay to the new Betelgeuse 5 sim, as well as a horde of others.....a combat group, with flex on the type of combat system used, CCS will be used often. Combat training and organized tactical deployment is intended, with use of fighters and swoop bikes, both of which will be provided for use. Character creation wi
  8. I get this from time to time too, if re-logging doesnt work...and changing clothes fails too, try Advanced>Character>Character tests>male/or female. One it changes to a default avi try putting your stuff back on.
  9. H2G2-SL welcomes Seven90 Blackcinder to our staff! He is a deranged robot hell bent on destruction, and has been placed in charge of SL according to the Cybernetic perspective. He also makes the coffee around the office. Our staff and their current assignments: DarthVenger Blackheart aka "V" - Editor Hillary Querrien- Paquin Planet Companions Guild Representative, and Spinwheel City staff writer Xev Blackcinder- Nightclubs, bars and cantinas Seven90 Blackcinder (no relation to Xev,lol)- Life Robotic, and your plastic pal thats fun to be with We always have room for more writers,
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/H2G2-SL-10-Boxed/2855829 The inworld version of the Guide is now available on the SL Marketplace for a small fee, if you would like one for free they are available at one of our field offices. We are still looking for a few staff conributors and freelance writers....we want YOUR stories, tell us about the places you love to RP in! Contribtions can be submitted in notecard form to DarthVenger Blackheart. Coming soon to the H2G2-SL page: Hyperspace Bypass- Does your favorite RP sim have its own website? We would love to put a link up for you, Contact me
  11. Version one of our in world Guides are now available for free in both of our field offices
  12. Jee whiz thanks for the spam Playmook....if in my galactic meanderings if I should happen to need a pair of kids shoes, or a nice purse at least I will know where to go
  13. I have had a couple IM inquiries wanting more of a job description...... H2G2-SL is an IC role to play in addition to what you may already be doing. We are looking for correspondents involved in sci-fi RPs around the grid . We want to hear about the places you love to roleplay in, we want your stories, commentaries and off the cuff observations. You can join us as a staff writer and get assignments on stories to cover, become your favorite RP sim's official correspondent, or just submit freelance articles. We welcome event announcments, and breaking news. Sim owners and RP admins are encou
  14. If there was a "like" button here I would be prompted to press it. Have you seen the Sirius Cybernetics avatars on the marketplace? If your brain is the size of a planet then pick one up for all your robotic sulking needs *(Product plug is unsolicited, unasked for, and unappreciated.....oh why do I bother? Seriously though check em out, pretty hoopy stuff, and be sure to rate and say who told you about them )
  15. Me you and Hillary at present. May I remind you that you actually have to write to be considered a writer? What are you working on?
  16. Do you rough it, slum it, and face incredible odds? We might have a job for you then. Galctic Hitchhikers is the IC RP group for H2G2-SL. We are looking for grid savvy writers with a good sense of humor. The H2G2-SL project isn't just about recreating a destination guide, the goal is to provide offbeat and in character observations about the myriad of sci-fi RP sims. In world we have Guides available for free to sim owners and roleplay admins to place in your sim, they offer a URL to our blog site, a free towel. We now have two field offices in world, stop by and check us out Botany Bay
  17. We are looking for roleplaying reporters and contributors to our new and still lacking H2G2-SL blog site. Check it out at http://h2g2sl.wordpress.com/ if so inclined, just getting the project off the ground so we could use a lot of help yet. Primarily we need staff writers, freelance contributions are most welcome also. This type of thing has been tried before in SL, but not with the same level of fanaticism I am giving it. Lots of ways to help and get involved, hit me up in world (DarthVenger Blackheart) for details. For in world updates please feel free to join our group, "Galactic Hit
  18. Still looking for staff writers, we have a couple now, but its a big grid to cover. If anyone cares to see what we are up to check it out at http://h2g2sl.wordpress.com/ Like I said we need a small army of contributors, but there are lots of other ways to help.....intersted at all please feel free to contact me in world, DarthVenger Blackheart
  19. I am working on an ambitious project, a blog site called H2G2-SL....the Hitchhikers Guide to SecondLife. I know this idea has been done prior, but I am thinking to put a different spin on it by focusing on IC posts as per roleplay. Sci fi sims will be highlighted, events covered in an attempt to foster cross sim sci fi roleplay. A field office in world will be available to visit soon, information about this will be updated pending. Right now I am looking for writers and contributors, IC journalists and reporters. If interested, or you just want to know more, please feel free to contact me in
  20. I dont cyber or date, so frankly i dont care what gender is behind the avatar. That to me is one of the real beuties of SL, freedom to not just be who you are , but what you want to be....maybe who you really are.
  21. There are lots of cool places to time travel to in SL. Great historical sites and settings, fantastic furture and sci fi sims, and many of these welcome the would be temporal traveller. Some do not,lol....I have been run off in my Tardis by a few historically set sims now, and understanbly so in most cases. Someone looking for a good idea should build a sim that is three versions of the same city on sim sized platforms, one for the past, present, and future respectively....but tied in to a single roleplay storyline with attention to causality. I have some ideas to lend if anyone is interested,
  22. Remember that popularity has nothing to do with cool. Popular just means that more idiots like something, popularity in iteself is not an end. Mos Espa is popular enough alright, but it is the people who run it, and the great combat system and dedication to a better RP that makes it cool.
  23. DJ Gilliam and awesome and so was Suzan Littlething, both are great people and I would recomend them to anyone for any occasion. Both of them prepared and taylored their acts to suit Milliways, and the fact that they were fans of H2G2 shinned through!
  24. My best advice to anyone looking for SWRP is this: "Dont" or maybe if you are already involved "RUN!" But if you just have to get involved then the ONLY place you want to be is Mos Espa sim. Mos Espa uses the RHCS combat system , which is not only the best for function....it is free! And the box comes with a great starter set of weapons and so on, so its great for noobs and experienced players alike. The people in Mos Espa are seriously the cooloest and most mature you will find in SWRP. They have Pod racing too, with great scripts for the vehicle, and you can race them free too. When you get
  25. I personally try to avoid buying anything at all if it isnt copy and mod. I want especially clothing items and such to fit me, but eben in the case of vehicles or weapons I like to be able to customize also. No mod is terrible, but no copy nod no sale.
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