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  1. First never watched the clip however second are my views. One of the biggest problems is in misunderstanding, largely misunderstanding of the various lifestyle dynamics plausible surrounding M/s and/or D/s relationships. There are a whole mess of people attempting to mimic lifestyle choices on sl in which they have not taken the time to research or understand. The whole daddy/daughter, or family dynamic is very prominent in the communities at large. Doing your daughter does not mean incest, it is guidance role more than anything. A Dominant may have a submission who he/she will care for in a somewhat parental manner, aka daddy and daughter. The submissive could very well be double your age. If you are still having a hard time understanding practiced dynamics go read about the leather lifestyle - Daddy/daughter - Polygomous (spelling) - Evolving M/s and/or D/s dynamics. If you are and still can't find information (which there is plenty online) go out into the local communities and ask questions, but first thing anyone needs to do before playing with bdsm is get the *bleep* out of the box. Being openingly judgemental on others lifestyle choices is not so welcome, the 'my fetish is not your fetish and i am fine with that' is quite common knowledge around kinksters. Perhaps that is lesson number one for many !!!!
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