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  1. Hi there. I made a tank obstacle today in 3ds max (you know, those steel hedgehog thingies from WWII). The main part is one mesh and a couple of bolts on it were the second mesh. When I made lower LOD models for it I just deleted most of the bolts, shrinking the bounding box of that object. At the lowest lod it's just a triangle. But, when uploading it I noticed that the mesh uploader resizes everything to the bounding box size of the high LOD model, and my lowest LOD triangle was all over the place. Understood that? :) I don't think it's supposed to be like that, and, if I'm wrong and it's okay like that - how do I get the bounding box to stay its original size?
  2. Hmm, thanks for that tip, but it seems to be working for me by just using an edit poly modifier with "preserve UV" checked. And this seems to keep the texture pretty much the same, without messing with a new uv-layout again.
  3. Marielle Caerndow wrote: You can also manually remove edge-loop from from the high-poly-modell. Hmm, how would I do that in 3ds max? Just selecting loops and clicking "remove" gets rid of the edges, but the face count stays the same. In Blender you could just delete whole loops, and it would just merge the adjacent faces into one. I looked up "merge" in 3ds max, but that doesn't seem to exist. Also, thanks to you and all the other people replying, every bit of information that is "sl and mesh" specific is really helpful. Tutorials about the various 3d tools are abundant on youtube, but there is only a handful of things about sl mesh, most of it from the early beta and therefore very outdated.
  4. Hi there. I'm fumbling with 3ds max and mesh. How would I start setting up my different LOD models? I can't seem to find a way to make my high LOD model, unwrap the UV and then copy said model to reduce the polycount while keeping my unwrapped uv. Things like pro-optimizer don't really work for LOD models. Do I really have to make 4 different models from scratch and unwrap their UVs? That tedious? There's a lot of documentation about how to do things in 3ds max, but combining all these tricks to work out a good workflow in 3ds max seems beyond me. Any suggestions?
  5. Well, if it is a resize problem and we are bound from now on to use a bounding box for the physics shape that is exactly as big as the mesh's bounding box - what are the advantages of a custom physics shape then? It's not much better than sculpties then. If the physics shape resize to the size of the mesh's bounding box all these tricks that already worked with sculpties are not gonna work anymore. For example, the sculpty door with a bounding box double the size of the sculpty itself. With a custom physics shape you could have physics just for the door, and not the other half of the bounding box. Well, this video should show better what I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/user/ashasekayi#p/c/2A3AF00B41F652ED/13/yow60SivXtw This is not gonna work anymore if physics shape snap to the size of the mesh's bounding box.
  6. Same problem here. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-27009 But, it's not absolute. Some of my older models are accepted with their custom physics shape, others are not. And all those models are in SL already, uploaded with the regular viewer. So, I'm kinda confused on how to make physics shapes now, if almost half of them are not accepted, without telling me what requirements for physics shapes might have changed. Also, all my physics shapes don't have material, they are mostly just a simple box. Models were made in blender and 3ds max. So, feel free to vote on my jira thingy there, there's definitely something borked.
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