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    Mags Indigo wrote:

    There seem to be many who feel the same way Carole - unfortunately because disenchanted people either rant too much (and can be ignored as a consequence) or say nothing - or very little - that voice gets lost in all the shouting - if you get my drift. It's easy to ignore a ranting fool or a silently fuming individual. :smileyindifferent:



    Yep, the cricket chirping is beginning.  Soon, LL will wonder where everyone went, but it will be too late for them to fix it when it's at that point.  LL used to be such a creative place...


    Mags Indigo wrote:

     Like you the 'arrival of the teens' had little impact on my SL, any changes seem to be peripheral and to do with the 'marketing philosophy' of SL rather than tangible changes... for now.



    Yeah, I'm waiting for the other marketing shoe to drop, and it's likely to drop on the adult material... Which means bye-bye SL for me.  When adult material goes, it means adults are no longer welcome.  And if I'm not welcome, neither is my money. 

    There are enough SL clones out there now that it might truly be the death of SL.

  3. I'm pretty much on the mature/moderate lands, so I don't normally see teens.  I don't do much cursing in SL, except when the blasted sim is lagging and the build tools are being a pain.. but I'm on a moderate sim, so...   Also, honestly?  Teens know the curse words.  I know I said them when the adults weren't around, when I was their age, and I was considered a goody-two-shoes.

    I was never all that interested in the adult side of SL, but when I want it, I know I can go and do it.  *shrugs* So, not much has changed for me.

  4. I must admit, I find it amusing to see the forums being compared to the in world.   I have no dog in this race, so it's all the same to me. I can be here, there, or both.  Forum ranking means jack to me, because you can be a "member" and still type up drivel, while an "honored resident," can write poetry.  I judge by what I read, not a pretty title or a high number.

    But I see that people are already abusing the ranking system, as predicted.  In fact, I think the only ones that didn't expect that are the Lindens who thought a ranking system was the AWESOMES!!1!   Right now, there are no real curbs for it, but the suggested are, "limits" or doing away with the ranking system. 

    I'm cool with either.  A reasonable limit (not two threads per day, but maybe two threads a day counting towards ranking, but you can start as many as you like) could be healthy.  Unfortunately, LL is a bit... draconian in it's rules and very lax in it's enforcement/execution. 

    *shrugs* There aren't really any good answers, except maybe just getting rid of ranking and let us all be equal.

  5. Treasure,  just delete the email.  While it might be from LL, this would be the first time LL has ever offered us anything beyond the pleasure of helping LL screw over.. err, improve customer relations :smileytongue:

    And on topic, if the compromise of having Off Topic is to not have it show up without logging in, I'm totally happy with it. 

  6. I once had an art professor give a lecture on critiquing.  I am trying to adapt that towards posting.


    1.  Make sure your negatives are balanced by the positives whenever possible.  It reduces the chance that a person can take it as a personal attack. 

    2.  Do not state personal opinion as fact.  Don't treat your opinion as the holy grail of all that is good.  Try to see the other side.

    3.  Word your negatives in a supportive way.  The aim of a critique is to instruct, not distruct.  (No calling people names.  It's unnecessary to the discussion, period.)

    4.  Learn to ignore those that offer nothing of value to the critque or conversation. And try not to respond in kind.

    Example:  Viewer 2 is a great social based viewer, but I feel that for my style and use, it doesn't cut it.  The sidebar takes up more visual space than I like and I also am not fond of the fact that almost every basic action requires it.  However, I admit I adore the fact that they cleaned up the mess that was the top menu bar!  I can find everything and they cut the redundant stuff out!  The main thing I feel that would make Viewer 2 rock is making that side bar a completely optional feature, like in Windows.  (A built in AO would be great, but I'll settle for the sidebar being completely optional!)

  7. Going with Nathan on the Threaded view and it's reason!

    I also would like to see a General Discussions, because the choice of Sub-topics are way too narrow.  GD is how people socialize when they can't be in SL. 

    But I have to admit, it's a vast improvement over Jive.

  8. This could have several causes, but since some information seems missing from the OP's post, here are some questions that might help the more tech minded to resolve the issue:


    1.  What are the specs of your system?  Processor, video card, sound card, amount of RAM?


    2.  Does it only do it with Second Life or does it struggle with other games or graphics intensive programs?


    3.  What have you already tried in order to resolve the issue yourself?

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