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  1. I'm organizing this as I work with the VMM. First thing I notice is the ease of migrating listings, once I figured out how. While I had a few hiccups, most of which were caused on my end, it's faster than when I transferred all my items from Magic Box to Direct Delivery. It was actually relatively painless, a few button clicks and, bam, listed. Also, I love the fact that I don't have the marketplace stuff cluttering my main inventory any more. My test deliveries went off without a hitch, getting exactly what I "ordered" and in a timely manner.

    One of my non-me hiccups was error check not finding a missing category. I'm not sure how the original listing posted the first time without one or it got corrupted/deleted during the transition, but error check did not find that the required category wasn't there. So, I got the "cannot list due to issues with description or blah, blah, blah" error message when trying to list the item. This actually happened twice.

    I have a request. Please, please, please, don't have the initial version folder decide what name it's going to be! Just have it default to the name of the listing's folder. Having the initial version folder list as "*DX* Ball Time Sleeve Blue" - an item in the dress listing - when the listing is for "*DX* Ball Time Blue," is going to confuse customers when the dress gets delivered. Most of the time, an item that is first listed is going to be the original listing, so having it default to the listing folder's name is much easier on the merchant and streamlines the process of listing.

    The knowledge base does not have a step-by-step on how to migrate listings. While I love all things Torley, I can't always get a video to load, so I usually look at the knowledge base or wikis. Please point out that you do have to go ahead and move folders to the marketplace listing and that you have to right button click on the listing to bring up the associate item sections. If it wasn't for Torley's videos, I would have wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out, rather than happily migrating stuff. So far, that's my look at it from the Merchant side. I'm cautiously optimistic about it, but I'm also not going to let it go to the auto-update, thanks to seeing what the version folders wind up doing.

  2. Have you tried the "rinse and repeat?"  "Rinse and repeat," is clearing the cache and checking your graphics drivers, because if LL has a decent support script, this will be asked about first and foremost.  Best to get 'em outta the way and save chat time.

    Another thing I can think of off the top of my head is stripping the avatar of all worn objects and see what happens. 

    It's amazing what a sudden log off or crash will corrupt.

  3. I'd be fascinated to see what a Billing Linden has to say about this, personally.  Even if I'm in the US and don't have to jump through these hoops, it just seems a bit.. invasive to require so much personal information from someone.  Maybe if they were hiring me, yes.  But just to pay them?  No. 

    If this is true, I can understand LL wants to give overseas residents a better option for make payments.  I would just have to wonder at their choice of this.  It sounds way too much like a phishing scam, with the kind of documentation "required."  And while I can't think of any at this time besides Paypal, there are bound to be less "sniffy" places that LL could use.

  4. After a rude awakening like that, I didn't need a cup of coffee the next morning.  *sigh*  Couldn't even blame it on the hubby.  I had been cleaning the thing and forgot to put it back down.  At least it was clean when I fell in :matte-motes-bashful:

  5. There is another way that doesn't require a compromised account folks.  Giving the permission to a scripted object to withdraw L$ from your account.  Once given, all that has to be done is have the object stay rezzed in world and you're now an L$ ATM for the less scrupulous.

  6.  I'd just send it on to LL's spam department.. Oh, wait, LL did away with that! 

    Oh, wow. Umm.. it looks like LL may have done something very stupid and entered into an agreement with Cassava Enterprises for processing e-payments via their Dragonfish.  A bit of research turns up that Cassava is the company that owns 888.holdings, which is a system of gambling/gaming sites..

    If I got this message,  I think I'd tell LL to shove it, and leave.  No way in he-double hockey sticks am I gonna photocopy my drivers license and credit card just to pay them for use of their system.  I'm pretty sure that in some countries, that's highly illegal.


  7. I find it amusing that LL is working on their "local payment system" (which is in beta) while cutting out most forms of payment used by foreign residents.  By amusing, I mean headdesk worthy. This beta doesn't help those residents who need/want to pay NOW, but can't because the payment type they use has been disabled.  Stop phasing stuff out before you have the new stuff ready!

    Reading the blog post about the local payment system, it seems they might reenable Paypal for the overseas once it's done and you'll be able to use your local currency, rather than having to convert it in to USD first.  I don't think Pre-Paids will ever be accepted again.  They've been getting a serious bad rap due to the higher fees for both merchants and users.

  8. You want to see how well built a computer is, throw SL on it.  You don't judge the computer on how well the graphics look.  You judge it by how long it takes for the computer to throw up it's hands and crashes.

    Basically, SL is a super computer's Kryptonite.

    I admit, there have been major improvements over the years.  I can now TP with only one failing in every 50 tries.  Used to be every other.  Sim crossing was a new form of torture, but I usually get smooth transitions, unless the sim I'm entering has so many scripts/flashing textures/what have you, that it's bogged down.

  9. Hmm.. I have two, both dealing with griefers and I'm pretty sure I shared them some time ago on the old forums.  Well, anyways on with the show!

    Not too long after I started in SL, I had started building random stuff in Sandbox Island.  In this case, it was a throne, and I was talking with a friend while we stood near the project.  From out of nowhere, comes this pack of avatars chasing this one idiot, who was using a projectile based push weapon and spouting racial slurs.  I rezz a cube, sit on it and tell my friend to do the same.  So, we were watching the todo, while I filed an abuse report.  In a fit of sublime stupidity, the griefer decides that my throne must be HIS throne to sit on and toss his slurs.  I politely tell him to move his bum, because I am working on it.  He curses at me a bit.  Since the cushion he was sitting on wasn't attached to the throne, I, for some reason, decided to put the cushion back into my inventory.  With him sitting on it.  He went FLYING, cursing the entire distance he was thrown.  About the time he landed LL must have hit him with the ban hammer, because he vanished after hitting the ground.  My friend said, "And that's how we deal with griefers?  COOOLLLLL!!!"

    My next one was back when I had started my DiamonX shop.  LL had just gave land owners the ability to turn off push and to deny object entry. I had turned off object entry because we'd just had a gray goo attack earlier that day.  I was working on a gown when this overly-muscled, tuxed suited guy comes TPing in.  He starts asking me questions about the bizz, which I am always happy to answer.. but it starts taking a new turn.  I guess he must have watched entirely too many mob/ganster movies, because the lines sounded like they'd been cut/pasted from one.  Including, "It'd be a shame if something where to happen, so you really need security."  At this point, I did the eject/ban and went back to work. From the parcel next door, I hear the sound of gun fire and peered out to see this wall of stopped projectiles at my parcel edge.  I IM'd said idiot and said, "Yeah.. this is why I don't need security," only to be cursed at.  Go figure. 

    Hmm.. and it's always funny to be hit on by a creep.. only to see him run when I drag my dragon folder onto my avatar.  I guess they realize the only way they'd please something that big is if they were on the menu?

  10. I vote the guy is a drama-llama, making stuff up to hurt you.  It's rather funny that he says he'd rather trust you, but says he pulled something like this.  So much for trust.

    Either way, I'd set his email addy to go directly to junk mail and move on.  He's the south end of a north bound donkey and the sooner ignored, the better.

  11. I don't use viewer 2.0 and have been in SL quite a while... group chat has always been an issue in SL.

    How this effects me in order of worst to least:

    1.  Chat lag. Usually, if it's effecting me, it's got everyone in the conversation too.  There have been times it's been impossible to keep a flow of conversation going due to posts wind up out of order, or even showing up 5 minutes later!

    2.  Failing to post at all.  This one is.. hit or miss.  And sometimes, the miss is a hit, just taking 5 minutes longer to post.  This makes it really frustrating to actually join conversations. 

    3.  Starting group chats.  I don't do it very often, so this one effects me the least.  But the inability to start conversations may be why there are days where my chattiest groups are unusually quiet...

  12. Well, I did research the issue of land still owned by time of expiration when I had to stop my premium account for a bit.  I knew I'd still be charged tier if I didn't get rid of the land by one month before the date. 

    Honestly, LL could simply get rid of premium at this point and just charge straight tier, given the quality of support that Premium accounts get.  Yeah.. that's supposed to be one of the carrots, along side land ownership and a stipend, the use of the online chat.  It's outsourced to people who don't really have the tools to do anything more than answer questions, using the info they find in either the knowledge base or forums anyways.  A this point, the carrot wouldn't be big enough even if LL had a policy that favored the resident :matte-motes-frown:

    One thing I want to make clear is that there is no policy that will make LL anything other than the bad guy.  Usually by the time it's gotten to the point of account lock, the resident is already mad enough to never return.. or has no intention of paying, ever and thus shouldn't be allowed to return.  A grace period of no less than 15 days fees capped (though I thought they already were) might help, but they're going to still be the baddy when the hammer does come down.  We're still going to see posts like this. 

  13. Two ways, either holding land without premium, (usually happens if the person doesn't abandon/sell off the land before the end of the premium subscription) or buying L$ and not having sufficient funds on their payment type.  I think using USD for the marketplace might do it, but having never used USD for it, I can't be sure.

    Well, I stand corrected.  I had it pointed out to me in RL that a stick LL could use is to absolutely refuse any form of buying by the delinquent account.  LL can and should sell the land and/or L$ balance to recover the amount owed, return the account to basic and then.. block it from making any purchases with USD ever again.  No buying L$ via the LindEX, no premium/conceirge and no USD purchases on the Marketplace.  Personally, I think that's a case of cutting one's nose off to spite your neighbor, but it does make an odd sort of sense, if we were still under M's rule. 

    Actually, I could see this in place of putting an immediate hold on the account, with some modifying.  So instead of a hold on the account, why not block the ability to buy or transfer L$/USD to another account?  The only thing you'd be able to do is sell stuff in world and then sell the resulting L$ on the Lindex. (Third party marketplaces require a transfer of L$ funds to another avatar.)  If the account is not brought up to current within 30 days, then any land and L$ balance is sold, and if that doesn't pay off the balance owed, then the account is put on hold.  A grace period that encourages (or only allows) payback, then the hammer.  30 days is plenty of time to get the situation sorted if it's going to be sorted.


  14. Well, given that a few years ago, LL suffered a similar breach, I can't say I blame you.  Fortunately, LL was a bit more active in getting the info out to residents than Sony was and required password change, as well as encouraging those affected (it did take a bit longer for LL to find out who was affected by the hacking) to notify their CC companies.

    Oddly enough, I always thought they stored the information, otherwise, I'd have to input it every month...

  15. I think it's likely that the males of either side of that couple never heard of putting the toilet seat down.  So they just assumed that no male in the history of mankind ever put the seat down?

    Or they were financially suicidal. If that's the case, they were better off without the money to lose :matte-motes-wink-tongue:

  16. Qie, as long as LL no longer actually wipes the account, then their policy on non-payment is reasonable when compared to other MMOs with any form of premium services.


    I'll address the points.


    1. The subscription system states at all of them are self-renewing, just like any other MMO. It's the resident's job to keep up with when the subscription is suppose to renew and to take corrective action before the renew date. LL even emails you a reminder that your account is set to renew before the renew date! If no action is taken, then LL just assumes that the resident wishes to keep their subscription, thus making the renewing process as effortless as possible for those who want to stay premium.


    1. I can see where reverting the account to basic when the land reverts would be a good idea, but LL needs the stick to make people pay up. Especially on tier, which is charged based on the previous month's highest holding. Say Susie just tiered up to the $40 per month level and then decides she doesn't want that much tier and goes down to the $25. Oooh, but this month she'll still have the $40 which, because she didn't bother reading, comes as a surprise to her. So she decides to simply not pay it, and removes her payment type from the account before the due date. What else can LL do about it, but to lock Susie's account? She used that $40 in tier, so she should pay for it, after all.


    You have a grace period. It's called the time between renewal dates. The subscription will expire without renewing, if you downgrade and get rid of the land before the next renewal.


    So, the OP was responsible for knowing when her account renews, and should have taken steps to resolve the issue BEFORE the renewal date. LL's fault in this is how it's support handled the issue.


    Yes, Support should have explained that if the OP had simply downgraded before the renewal/due date, then she would have had no issues. But given that she failed to do so, she is now responsible for the renewal payment. Once it's paid, access is restored and she can downgrade/go basic after that. If she went basic, then the subscription would just expire.. presuming she remembered to abandon/sell her land before the date. But it appears that Support failed to be supportive.


    (This doesn't include if the issue with non-payment is due to LL having a fubar. If it's on LL's end, then there should be no corrective action taken against the account!)


  17. The serious side of me goes, "Depends on the time length in question.  If it happens all in one day, then definitely, charge the creator 10 times in fees and/or remove the product.  If it happens in one week, 5 times the fees.  If it happens in one month, base fee.  After that, doesn't count, since SL is quite capable of borking itself and everything in it."

    The less serious side goes, "Doesn't count unless it's a reproducting item!  Besides, SL's default state is borked!!"


    Tristan Avedon wrote:

    I'd be ok if they simply charged Wasted every time he spams the forums. Wait, he has no money, that wouldn't work. 



    No, no, make it fair, all spammers.  Then the judge can laugh it out of court, if said person decides to *snerk* take it to court.  And it has to be per a post.


  19. I vaguely remember my first day in SL.  A friend of mine had spent weeks trying to talk me into joining and when I finally did, he wasn't such a great help.  After doing the whole orientation, realizing that most of it was borked (which was apparently how SL was going to be from time to time), I wandered into the welcome area.  It was the boardwalk and it didn't take long for some well meaning soul to explain to me how to IM and how to open boxes.. after I had wound up with one on my head. 

    I also met my first Linden, but I can't remember who it was.  Back then, everyone paid 10 USD to have an account and as such had a 50L stipend per week, so I'd had just a bit and went shopping.  I probably spent entirely too much for some of the items that I bought, but hey, I learned as I went!

    Back then, the 1.0 viewer was the only the thing and man was it confusing.  But I'm one of those "Hit every button and see what it does," so I spent DAYS working with it.  Back then, sandboxes weren't the horror stories of today, because there was usually a Linden in them, building right along side of us.  All of us would chat as we built, exchanging tips, jokes and helping other newbies as they showed up.  I kind of miss that time...

  20. Heck, if LL charged just 2 USD for every time these spammers create accounts just to post, LL would not have to worry about premium accounts.  :smileywink:  

    And just cause you're a basic account doesn't mean you're a freeloader!  These spammers are, however.

  21. Something I've noticed over the years in SL is that if it's a door, they will open it and walk right it or pound on it, if it's locked.  If it's just a flexi-prim curtain across the door, they rarely ever bother you.  It's like the door is a challenge for them. 

    My place is rarely locked, given that one part is my shop and the other is my workshop.  The workshop is the only place I tend to banline, and usually that's because I don't want someone walking in between my camera and my avatar.  I've also done it when I've had a really bad day RL side and am not as social feeling as I usually am. 

    When I'm not there, I don't care.  There really isn't much for people to interact with, since it's a workshop and a shop.  But when I did have a home, with a bed, if I caught anyone having fun in my bed, I broke out the score cards and gave critiques of their performance.  Amazing how quickly that drove 'em off.

    When I explore, I stay out of places that have doors or are clearly private places. (Hint: Most businesses have a sign outside and in their about land)  I might cam in, but usually, even that's rare for me to do and I never do it if I know someone is there.  I also don't go clicking on everything that allows it.  It's all too easy to wind up in some compromising positions.


  22. My first and only thought was, since I logged into the advanced mode, "Great... they still have the sidebar."  Yes, it's a big stickler for me, sorry.  Though now that properties doesn't open up the darned thing, it might be a bit more tolerable.


    Basic mode is just that.. very basic.  Chatting, moving and a lot of Linden selected avatars and destinations.  Building is not an option with the most basic.. and I have no idea if it scales with use or not.  If it doesn't there has to be some sort of intermediary or we're going to wind up with new residents going from Basic and "ZOMG, WHAT IS ALL THIS?!" 

    It'd almost be better if LL granted us some ability to tailor the viewer to how we use it after the training wheels come off.  Or give us a few more modes with some options thrown in.  I could see a Social mode, Build mode, Shopping mode, Land mode, and then Advanced mode that has all features active at once. 

    Each mode, except Advanced, would have the tutorials and let the viewer suggest possible in world lessons that are tailored to the mode.  Have some features take the lead, while others might be backseat or turned off all together.  Shopping, for example, might need build tools, but only for adjusting/placing their purchased items. They probably wouldn't need the "create x" tool at all.  This would allow new residents to try new tools without being overwhelmed by them and they can do it at their own pace, while remaining within their comfort zone.

    Easing new residents into SL might be a good way to raise the retention rate.  But going from one extreme to the other?  Not gonna work.

  23. My search of the approved L$ vendors turned up none that accept Amazon payments.  There might be another third party that does, but I don't recommend using them due to the fact you run a much greater risk of being hacked and/or put on administrative hold and having the amount purchased plus 10% removed from your account...

    Some of them, however, allow you to use an SMS to pay.. but that'd show up on your next cell phone bill and not all cell phone companies may be cool with it.  (In other words, I'm saying that to cover my behind, because I've never used that feature either.)

    As a fellow Amazon Payments user, I've found that it's far, far more limited in where it can be used than Paypal.  So far, I've only used it for my Amazon purchases.

  24. It could also depend on their email.   Fortunately, my SL account wasn't linked to it, but my hotmail account got hacked a while back.  Password was NOT an easy one, so there was no reason they should have gotten into it... except that it was hotmail. :smileytongue:  Fortunately, it's just my junk mail/mailing lists email and they hadn't gotten around to changing my security question...

    Or they used a third party site, using the same password for it as their SL account, with the same email addy and everything.  I've known people who do this and it's a nightmare to explain to at least have a different password for their email, SL and other sites!

    Your friends should try an immediate password change, and if that fails, report the accounts as hacked.  LL will then put the account on administrative hold pending verification.  It's better if they can do it the moment you notice the account is online without you..  You're less likely to lose stuff, like L$ balance. 

    LL is trying it's best to ban the people like this, but it's harder to do because there are several workarounds that allow the abusers/hackers right back on. 


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