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  1. I'm organizing this as I work with the VMM. First thing I notice is the ease of migrating listings, once I figured out how. While I had a few hiccups, most of which were caused on my end, it's faster than when I transferred all my items from Magic Box to Direct Delivery. It was actually relatively painless, a few button clicks and, bam, listed. Also, I love the fact that I don't have the marketplace stuff cluttering my main inventory any more. My test deliveries went off without a hitch, getting exactly what I "ordered" and in a timely manner. One of my non-me hiccups was error check not find
  2. Have you tried the "rinse and repeat?" "Rinse and repeat," is clearing the cache and checking your graphics drivers, because if LL has a decent support script, this will be asked about first and foremost. Best to get 'em outta the way and save chat time. Another thing I can think of off the top of my head is stripping the avatar of all worn objects and see what happens. It's amazing what a sudden log off or crash will corrupt.
  3. I'd be fascinated to see what a Billing Linden has to say about this, personally. Even if I'm in the US and don't have to jump through these hoops, it just seems a bit.. invasive to require so much personal information from someone. Maybe if they were hiring me, yes. But just to pay them? No. If this is true, I can understand LL wants to give overseas residents a better option for make payments. I would just have to wonder at their choice of this. It sounds way too much like a phishing scam, with the kind of documentation "required." And while I can't think of any at this time besides
  4. After a rude awakening like that, I didn't need a cup of coffee the next morning. *sigh* Couldn't even blame it on the hubby. I had been cleaning the thing and forgot to put it back down. At least it was clean when I fell in :matte-motes-bashful:
  5. There is another way that doesn't require a compromised account folks. Giving the permission to a scripted object to withdraw L$ from your account. Once given, all that has to be done is have the object stay rezzed in world and you're now an L$ ATM for the less scrupulous.
  6. I'd just send it on to LL's spam department.. Oh, wait, LL did away with that! Oh, wow. Umm.. it looks like LL may have done something very stupid and entered into an agreement with Cassava Enterprises for processing e-payments via their Dragonfish. A bit of research turns up that Cassava is the company that owns 888.holdings, which is a system of gambling/gaming sites.. If I got this message, I think I'd tell LL to shove it, and leave. No way in he-double hockey sticks am I gonna photocopy my drivers license and credit card just to pay them for use of their system. I'm pretty sure that
  7. I find it amusing that LL is working on their "local payment system" (which is in beta) while cutting out most forms of payment used by foreign residents. By amusing, I mean headdesk worthy. This beta doesn't help those residents who need/want to pay NOW, but can't because the payment type they use has been disabled. Stop phasing stuff out before you have the new stuff ready! Reading the blog post about the local payment system, it seems they might reenable Paypal for the overseas once it's done and you'll be able to use your local currency, rather than having to convert it in to USD first.
  8. You want to see how well built a computer is, throw SL on it. You don't judge the computer on how well the graphics look. You judge it by how long it takes for the computer to throw up it's hands and crashes. Basically, SL is a super computer's Kryptonite. I admit, there have been major improvements over the years. I can now TP with only one failing´╗┐ in every 50 tries. Used to be every other. Sim crossing was a new form of torture, but I usually get smooth transitions, unless the sim I'm entering has so many scripts/flashing textures/what have you, that it's bogged down.
  9. Hmm.. I have two, both dealing with griefers and I'm pretty sure I shared them some time ago on the old forums. Well, anyways on with the show! Not too long after I started in SL, I had started building random stuff in Sandbox Island. In this case, it was a throne, and I was talking with a friend while we stood near the project. From out of nowhere, comes this pack of avatars chasing this one idiot, who was using a projectile based push weapon and spouting racial slurs. I rezz a cube, sit on it and tell my friend to do the same. So, we were watching the todo, while I filed an abuse repor
  10. I vote the guy is a drama-llama, making stuff up to hurt you. It's rather funny that he says he'd rather trust you, but says he pulled something like this. So much for trust. Either way, I'd set his email addy to go directly to junk mail and move on. He's the south end of a north bound donkey and the sooner ignored, the better.
  11. I'll occasionally shop the Marketplace, but usually if I'm looking for something very specific or know what seller I'm looking for. More often than not, I'm mostly just browsing and for that, the in world experience is the best.
  12. I don't use viewer 2.0 and have been in SL quite a while... group chat has always been an issue in SL. How this effects me in order of worst to least: 1. Chat lag. Usually, if it's effecting me, it's got everyone in the conversation too. There have been times it's been impossible to keep a flow of conversation going due to posts wind up out of order, or even showing up 5 minutes later! 2. Failing to post at all. This one is.. hit or miss. And sometimes, the miss is a hit, just taking 5 minutes longer to post. This makes it really frustrating to actually join conversations. 3. Start
  13. Well, I did research the issue of land still owned by time of expiration when I had to stop my premium account for a bit. I knew I'd still be charged tier if I didn't get rid of the land by one month before the date. Honestly, LL could simply get rid of premium at this point and just charge straight tier, given the quality of support that Premium accounts get. Yeah.. that's supposed to be one of the carrots, along side land ownership and a stipend, the use of the online chat. It's outsourced to people who don't really have the tools to do anything more than answer questions, using the inf
  14. Two ways, either holding land without premium, (usually happens if the person doesn't abandon/sell off the land before the end of the premium subscription) or buying L$ and not having sufficient funds on their payment type. I think using USD for the marketplace might do it, but having never used USD for it, I can't be sure. Well, I stand corrected. I had it pointed out to me in RL that a stick LL could use is to absolutely refuse any form of buying by the delinquent account. LL can and should sell the land and/or L$ balance to recover the amount owed, return the account to basic and then..
  15. Well, given that a few years ago, LL suffered a similar breach, I can't say I blame you. Fortunately, LL was a bit more active in getting the info out to residents than Sony was and required password change, as well as encouraging those affected (it did take a bit longer for LL to find out who was affected by the hacking) to notify their CC companies. Oddly enough, I always thought they stored the information, otherwise, I'd have to input it every month...
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