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  1. I just thought this was worth revisiting, since I had a chance to talk to a lawyer, a real live honest to goodness lawyer, not someone who pretends to be a lawyer on SL. He confirmed what my bar owner friend told me about the law in this state, and made a couple of extra points. Basically, the state legislature here recognized the fact that the ASCAP and BMI where "double dipping", that is charging the venue and the performer for the exact same thing at the exact same time, that's called double dipping, and it's against the law. So they decided that they should mandate who pays, and since the venue owner stands to gain more, they decided that venue owners in this state will pay the fees, and not the performers, period. So then I asked him about this online thing that I do in a virtual world called Second Life, the first thing he said was "as long as your ass is sitting in this state when you log on, the laws of this state prevail and you don't have to pay, the venue owner pays". Then I explained how the game owner, Linden Labs, is in California but inside the game there are separate venue owners who operate under the confines of the game using virtual, or game, currency that can be converted to real currency. I also explained that the streams that we use are broadcast separately from SL and the individual venue owners allow that stream to be heard in their virtual locations. His off the cuff response was that Linden Labs controls what is or isn't allowed inside the game, so they would ultimately be considered the venue owner, but he also said that he would need to look into that a little further, and he charges $500 per hour, so that's where the legal advice ended. He did reiterate, that as long as my ass is sitting in this state, the performer does not pay, the venue owner (whoever that is) pays.
  2. I did click your link, there's nothing there for me. I'm an individual performer, I play guitar and sing at other peoples venues, I don't push my own stream, there's no provision for that sort of thing on the website you provided. In the state where I live, for a very short time it was the performer's responsibility to make sure they weren't violating any copyright laws, but the state quickly turned that over and made it the venue owners responsibility. At one of the bars where I play, the owner only pays BMI, and she's gotten very good at recognizing which songs are covered by BMI and which are covered by someone else. She looks at my song list and says "you can't do that one, you can't do that one, all the rest are ok". My point is, in the real world, the venue owners pay, not me.
  3. Yep, always right about everything ... your mommy must be sooooo proud.
  4. Let me guess, you pretend to be a lawyer when you're logged into SL, am I right? Perhaps you didn't read the part where I said ... "we contacted BMI and ASCAP directly" ... hand over my heart, they laughed and said "don't worry about it". Jeeze, clearly you're one of those beautiful mind geniuses who's always right about everything ... good luck with that.
  5. lol, I like they way you put it. Most of the time I contend that it's far easier to seek forgiveness than to seek permission, if they ever come after me, I'll gladly return all of the money I've ever made performing in SL ... I'm pretty sure I have that much in my wallet right now.
  6. Their attitude about this may have changed eventually, but as a live performer who used to worry about this, we contacted BMI and ASCAP directly, and explained exactly what we were doing. In a nutshell, performing cover songs at a virtual venue in front of a live audience made up of avatars that have real people driving them and listening to our performances ... hand over my heart, they laughed and said "don't worry about it".
  7. Well, I'm not a Chromium media developer, or any such thing, so I wouldn't have a clue how to quantify this in the grand scheme of things, but as far as SL is concerned, ... "it doesn't work". A little more specifically for SL, media textures don't work. What's worse, when ever there is an object with a media texture, TVs or otherwise, out in front of your camera, out to the maximum draw distance you have set, you get a dialogue box explaining that your media player cef plugin is not working and that it needs to be re-installed. When I log in at Nova Albion I get three such dialogue boxes before I rez, and they need to be dismissed before I can do anything else ... and then I'll get more. My quick and simple trouble shooting started with realizing that I didn't have the problem with the previous version, so I learned as much as I could about libmedia_plugin_cef.so, and offered the simple solution above. Another solution would be to rename the libmedia_plugin_cef.so in your SL lib folder to anything (so it doesn't exist), and let the OS use the one that's in your usr/lib folder, since it was provided by Google Chrome, and is likely correct. Personally I like the .so files to be in the folder that the app. is looking in, instead of defaulting to the system folder, it's quicker. And by the way @Lindal Kidd ... this is only Aisle One
  8. It's back, with Firestorm 64_5.1.7.55786 on Linux ... and by the way, reviving an old thread is perfectly valid when old problems reoccur. CEF is Chromium Enabled Fartgoblins or Framework or something to do with migrating to or from HTML5 video. The "libmedia_plugin_cef.so" file provided with the latest Firestorm seems to be bad ... the easiest way to fix it is to rename that file in your lib folder to libmedia_plugin_cef.so.new, then copy the old file from your old Firestorm installation. If you don't have the old installation anymore, just unpack it, it's not a big deal ... or get the file from your Chrome web browser folder, it's the same file.
  9. I just got an email from the exact same address telling me that "some Residents outside the United States with a Credit Card on file may have difficulty with their current payment method" and "your account has been identified as one that may be affected". The next line was trying to get me to click on a fake link and re-enter my credit card information. I'm not outside the US, and I use Pay Pal, so LL doesn't know or care about my credit card information. I highly suspect anything from that email address is fake.
  10. @doobie322 ... The guy (DeanT Scout) told me the in-world profile thing is a known issue, and pointed me to this Jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10415 As far as the forums are concerned, he simply said "the community site has undergone some recent changes, and things are still settling from the changes".
  11. @doobie322 ... The guy told me the in-world profile thing is a known issue, and pointed me to this Jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10415 As far as the forums are concerned, he simply said "the community site has undergone some recent changes, and things are still settling from the changes".
  12. Maybe something got messed up with your account in the forum transition. Kind of off topic, but we did touch on it here, so I thought I would post an update. I suddenly couldn't see my in-world profile either, so I filed a ticket. Turns out a recent change requires me to log in to my profile window separately from the viewer (probably because I don't allow cookies), and the support guy acknowledged that my profile here in the forums is missing, and will hopefully be restored when everything settles after the transition.
  13. We're still talking about Second Life, right?
  14. Just a quick update ... everything is back to normal this morning, including my neighbors' cat. I did a few more tests yesterday, they worked fine when I found a place to rez on three of the adjacent sims, and they did not work when I took them up to 4K meters on my own sim. There were a few other strange things going on as well, the sim was definitely broken last week. Thanks for all the suggestions
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