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  1. Tableau Vivant's Ors, I guess? https://www.flickr.com/photos/tableauvivant_sl/16841338823/in/dateposted/
  2. Uriah Eulenberg


    anc Ltd. by aki69 resident
  3. "No copy" means that no one can make a copy. However, if you were the creator of "inner object", you have full rights on the item. You can duplicate your own creation as many as you like, also your vending machine is able to duplicate the your creation as many as it needs. Then you'll never lose the original "inner object". If the "inner object (no copy)" was NOT created by you, you have to follow the original creator's permission set. Either you and your vending machine can not create any copies of the item. There will be only one solution : Put many (no copy) objects into the vending machine. That "Royal vendor" you mentioned above has a storage server in somewhere else. If you clicked the vendor, it sends your UUID to the storage server and the server sends you a guitar. That's why the vendor only has a script inside and doesn't have any copies of the guitar to give out.
  4. What you are looking for is llAttachToAvatarTemp. It gives a toucher/wearer the ownership for a while but doesn't leave a copy in his/her inventory. The object disappears only when the wearer took it off, though usually I add a timer or CHANGE/CHANGED_TELEPORT to trigger llDetachFromAvatar for some reasons. Wiki has a free sample script for you. Vespertine released a gacha collection called Bookworm Nest in March 2014, and the collection had a rare vending machine that dispenses a book of choice. You've got one of those prop books given out from the vending machine. Since she sold it as a vending machine (dispenser), all contents (book objects) were with copy/trans perms for the next owners to distribute book objects - If the owner and creator of a dispenser were the same person, no need to make the contents copyable. The book was scripted to go on a toucher's hand when it's touched (and the permission_attach was granted) then be detached without leaving any copies. However, instead of clicking, you (or someone who gave you a copy of the book) took it into the inventory. That's why the book in your inventory now and still disappears each time you wear & take it off. To avoid such confusion, you may want to add extra lines for making the object anti-rezz.
  5. I guess you've got a wrong link number there. On Firestorm, link number that is shown in your edit window is not always correct. To get the correct number, unlink them all and re-link again. Link numbers are given in the reverse order in which they were linked, and your script changes the texture of [link number 2 / face number 1]. So when you link them back, you have to select the wall/backdrop next to the last, and the root prim must be the last to select (for giving it number 1). 

If you don't want to break the link of your skybox... Link them all anyway. (and remove the original tex changer script. BUT you use this later again, so keep a copy somewhere in your inventory).
 Then create a new script under the content tab, delete all lines and copy/paste this. default{ touch_start(integer detected) { llOwnerSay((string)llDetectedLinkNumber(0)); }} This script tells you the correct link number of the piece you touched. Once you've got the number, back to the original script and rewrite all "2" after "llSetlinkTexture(" with it, then put the script back into the skybox link set.
  6. To close the bottom, select each 3 (for triangle face) or 4 (for quadrilateral face) vertices on bottom of the object, and hit F key.
  7. It seems you skipped the part of 1 to 4 or got issues when you linked the Path and the NurbsCircle. Try again and make sure to follow the steps one by one, then you'll see your path gets some thickness (even before you converting it into Mesh). It's not really complicated as it looks, just need to get used to
  8. 1. Make sure you are in Object Mode, then add (Shift + A) Curve > Nurbs Circle 2. Stay in Object Mode, and scale the circle down. The size of circle = thickness of your chair legs. 3. Look into Properties window and press the special icon for NurbsCircle. Under the Shape tab, there's a Resolution setting (Preview U). Giving big number here is to make the circle more smooth by creating many vertices. For such skinny legs, I suggest you to lower the number like 1 or 2. 4. Deselect all by pressing A 5. Add another Curve > Path 6. Again in Properties window, press the icon for NurbsPath that you've just created. Look under Geometry tab, there's Bevel Object selector. Click in the box and select NurbsCircle (the one you created at 1-3). 7. Now you can get into Edit Mode and create the leg shape with the Path. 8. Just like you did for the Circle, you may want to decrease the number of Preview U under the Resolution tab (Select the Path > Look into Properties Window > NurbsPath > Shape Resolution). This number determines the quality of your Path shape. Big number makes it smooth but creates lots of vertices. Check how many of faces and vertices it'll have by pressing Z (Wireframe View). 9. If you finished modeling with Path, create a duplicate and keep it in another layer just in case, then back to Object Mode. 10. Select your Path, Convert mesh from Curves by Object Menu (at the bottom of 3D View Window) > Convert to > Mesh from Curves/Meta/Surf/Text or using shortcut : Alt + C. Once you converted it to Mesh, you know how to unwrap or bake. You can delete the circle you've created at first, or keep it in another layer with the copy of your original Path. I'm sure there are many tutorials on YouTube, search with Blender and Curve.
  9. Looks like some faces are inside out. Have you tried Select All > Mesh > Normals > Recalculate Outside ?
  10. totally don't understand that error either… but I guess you added the 2nd llDialog with "llDetectedKey(0)", just like you had in the touch_start handler. Then it won't work. llDetectedKey works only when the object was touched, and what you want to do is pulling the dialog back again WITHOUT touching. There will be no one to detect. You have to detect and store the toucher key right after the HUD was touched (toucher = llDetectedKey(0)), then llDialog(toucher, "Pick the parameters", MENU_1, listenChannel);
  11. Yep it happens to me all the time... and suddenly. To me the following process works perfectly: 1. Open "Outliner" from pulldown "Displays" selector which is located on bottom left corner of each windows. 2. Select the object which you want to bake out (in object mode), then look in the Outliner. 3. Make sure the selected object which must be highlighted in Outliner has "Restrict Renderability" (the Camera icon) on. If the icon was grayed out, give a click to turn it on. 4. You can close Outliner window. and BAKE.
  12. seems like this is the same problem. I found that we are now able to see profiles and stuff properly on viewer 2.7. And on 3.0.3, I started getting the white pages again. The world map also doesn't work well on my mac too.
  13. Hi Lena, same problem happened to me and one of my friends. We are both on Mac OSX 10.6.8./viewer 3.0.3. Also I have tested it on several viewers, on 2.7, I got "SSL handshake failed" message and blank window. It looks similar with the past issue - check the Fredrik Linden's comment. I contacted support, and it said: When the issue occurs at the region handshake, the problem is usually a router or firewall issue. Try turning off the router for 20 seconds and bring it back up again. This may clear the issue. If not, try connecting directly to your modem. Actually it didn't work for me and my friend, but you would be better to try this first. Also check your firewall setting. I got this problem fixed yesterday while I was trying various ways (like installing security update for 10.6.8, clearing cache, updating FireFox…) but not really sure what caused to get proper profile window. My friend is still getting same unformed page :smileysad:
  14. Haha, love your answer storm! That means "rice cracker shaped cracker which doesn't contain rice but egg". Tamago senbei is usually made from egg and wheat flour. Senbei is a word like "cake" e.g. birthday cake, fish cake, a cake of soap. If you have a thin old mattress, you can call it as Senbei Futon.
  15. 正直、マーケットプレイスが新しくなってから全然使ってないんですけど *参照リンクにある文章です Be sure to follow these guidelines when listing items. If your listing does not, we may remove it in our discretion, and no refunds will be issued for any removed listings. If you severely or repeatedly violate these guidelines, your SL Marketplace privileges may be revoked and your account(s) terminated. このガイドラインに則ったカテゴリー登録をするように気をつけてください。もしあなたのリスティングが間違っていたら、その商品は私どもの判断で削除(Remove)し、削除対象になった商品に対しての補償はしません。また万が一、このガイドラインに繰り返し反する行為が行なわれた場合には、あなたのマーケットプレイスにおける権利は失われ、アカウントも失効になります。 だそうなので、 「違反を繰り返したら削除」はなく、うっかりしたんでもなんでも「リスティングが間違ってたらもれなく削除」ということです。 いまの時点で在庫管理ページに入れてるってことは、繰り返し違反行為をしていると取られているわけではないので そんなに心配しなくても大丈夫でしょう。まあ、警告なしに削除しましたって言われると、ぎょっとしちゃいますけどね。 今後気をつけて、削除されたものも正しいカテゴリーにリスティングし直せば問題ないと思います。 
  16. I like the idea travelling without flying and TP! You already inspired me in a way. Bon Voyage! I'd love to follow your steps and travelogue.
  17. 横からすみません。交渉する手段は他にもありますよ。 (1)ペイメント担当に直接連絡を取る。 電話は +0080071237123 (Toll-Free Support Number for UK, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Brazil, and Portugal) または +44 2033620268 (All Countries) メールだと support@payments.secondlife.com です。 この内容はWikiや決済画面にも出てます。(日本語版Wikiは更新されてないようなので、英語版をリンクします) (2)ゲストとしてサポートチケットを切る https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ サポートチケットはログインしていなくても切れます。 といっても、この場合、ペイメントサポートに直接話した方が早いかもしれません。 未払いができてから7日間は支払い猶予があり、その後の30日はインワールドへのログインはできないものの、公式サイトへは接続できる「保留期間」だったように記憶してます。ご友人の場合、その30日間も過ぎてしまってるんでしょうか。 自分もJCBで決済ができなくなったくちですが、こればっかりは個人情報を含む問題なので、ご本人が動かないことには解決しません。ただ当人が慌てたり困ったりでいっぱいいっぱいなときもありますから、周りが冷静に、解決法・対処法になる情報を探してあげられるといいですね。
  18. Are you on Mac? Try Tab key on your keyboard. You can highlight the "set land for sale" button by pressing Tab key repeatedly. Once it's highlighted, press in by hitting Return/Enter key.
  19. Here's my solution of this problem : Buying L$ with Credit Cards. *Visa and Master. Also Diners should be available as Master. *This way works only for residents who have been paying (account tier, land use fee and so on) to LL long enough. *Because Lindex have the "Trading Limits": check your trading limits here. [ Step 1 : Increase USD balance on your account (buy USD) ] 1. Log into Website 2. Linden Xchange : Manage > Increase Credit > type Money to Add (min. USD25.00) 3. Make sure you have an available payment method (card info) on "Current payment method". - or you can add a new payment method here from the link "change" > it turns to "Choose Payment Method". 4. Confirm! 5. Fill all the blanks In the Cashier Window, and choose USD on Processing currency. 6. Submit and done. Now you have USD balance on your account. [ Step 2 : Buy L$ (Change USD into L$) ] 7. Go back to account home (Dashboard). 8. Linden Xchange : Buy L$ > Buy L$ (Market Buy) 9. Fill one of those blanks : "Quantity of L$", or "Approximate Cost in US$". 10. Make sure you have enough of USD on your account to pay the "Approximate Total Cost". 11. Buy Now! 12. Confirm your username and password. 13. On the Confirmation window, you'll see your "current payment method". But there's no need to check its availability since you are buying L$ with USD credit on your account. -"Your payment method will be charged the actual cost to fulfill the order AFTER APPLYING ANY CREDITS FROM YOUR US$ ACCOUNT BALANCE." 14. Place Buy Order and you'll get L$. The new payment system has to work for making this process easier.
  20. If it was Visa "Electron" Debit, you can buy L$ from your account billing page. If your card was Visa Debit, I recommend you to submit a ticket or contact them: Customer support phone number (All Countries): +44 2033620268 Toll-Free Support Number for UK, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Brazil, and Portugal: +0080071237123 Email: support@payments.secondlife.com
  21. Irene, thanks for the link. I haven't received such mail from LL...
  22. FJ, Thank you for posting the update! Please let me remind you that the new local payment system is intended for residents outside of US, thus it's also been causing trouble for many residents who are not really good at English. I'm willing to help them by sharing informations in my language, but for doing that I need to know exactly what's going on. I went away in RL for a month and now my card doesn't work. Well well, didn't expect to see another act of God in my second life. Let me catch my breath… [Play Darth Vader's breathing sounds here] Many thanks to everyone on this topic, your comments helped me a lot. from Japan
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