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  1. Tableau Vivant's Ors, I guess? https://www.flickr.com/photos/tableauvivant_sl/16841338823/in/dateposted/
  2. Uriah Eulenberg


    anc Ltd. by aki69 resident
  3. "No copy" means that no one can make a copy. However, if you were the creator of "inner object", you have full rights on the item. You can duplicate your own creation as many as you like, also your vending machine is able to duplicate the your creation as many as it needs. Then you'll never lose the original "inner object". If the "inner object (no copy)" was NOT created by you, you have to follow the original creator's permission set. Either you and your vending machine can not create any copies of the item. There will be only one solution : Put many (no copy) objects into the vending
  4. What you are looking for is llAttachToAvatarTemp. It gives a toucher/wearer the ownership for a while but doesn't leave a copy in his/her inventory. The object disappears only when the wearer took it off, though usually I add a timer or CHANGE/CHANGED_TELEPORT to trigger llDetachFromAvatar for some reasons. Wiki has a free sample script for you. Vespertine released a gacha collection called Bookworm Nest in March 2014, and the collection had a rare vending machine that dispenses a book of choice. You've got one of those prop books given out from the vending machine. Since she sold it as a
  5. I guess you've got a wrong link number there. On Firestorm, link number that is shown in your edit window is not always correct. To get the correct number, unlink them all and re-link again. Link numbers are given in the reverse order in which they were linked, and your script changes the texture of [link number 2 / face number 1]. So when you link them back, you have to select the wall/backdrop next to the last, and the root prim must be the last to select (for giving it number 1). 

If you don't want to break the link of your skybox... Link them all anyway. (and remove the original tex
  6. To close the bottom, select each 3 (for triangle face) or 4 (for quadrilateral face) vertices on bottom of the object, and hit F key.
  7. It seems you skipped the part of 1 to 4 or got issues when you linked the Path and the NurbsCircle. Try again and make sure to follow the steps one by one, then you'll see your path gets some thickness (even before you converting it into Mesh). It's not really complicated as it looks, just need to get used to
  8. 1. Make sure you are in Object Mode, then add (Shift + A) Curve > Nurbs Circle 2. Stay in Object Mode, and scale the circle down. The size of circle = thickness of your chair legs. 3. Look into Properties window and press the special icon for NurbsCircle. Under the Shape tab, there's a Resolution setting (Preview U). Giving big number here is to make the circle more smooth by creating many vertices. For such skinny legs, I suggest you to lower the number like 1 or 2. 4. Deselect all by pressing A 5. Add another Curve > Path 6. Again in Properties window, press the icon for NurbsPath
  9. Looks like some faces are inside out. Have you tried Select All > Mesh > Normals > Recalculate Outside ?
  10. totally don't understand that error either… but I guess you added the 2nd llDialog with "llDetectedKey(0)", just like you had in the touch_start handler. Then it won't work. llDetectedKey works only when the object was touched, and what you want to do is pulling the dialog back again WITHOUT touching. There will be no one to detect. You have to detect and store the toucher key right after the HUD was touched (toucher = llDetectedKey(0)), then llDialog(toucher, "Pick the parameters", MENU_1, listenChannel);
  11. Yep it happens to me all the time... and suddenly. To me the following process works perfectly: 1. Open "Outliner" from pulldown "Displays" selector which is located on bottom left corner of each windows. 2. Select the object which you want to bake out (in object mode), then look in the Outliner. 3. Make sure the selected object which must be highlighted in Outliner has "Restrict Renderability" (the Camera icon) on. If the icon was grayed out, give a click to turn it on. 4. You can close Outliner window. and BAKE.
  12. seems like this is the same problem. I found that we are now able to see profiles and stuff properly on viewer 2.7. And on 3.0.3, I started getting the white pages again. The world map also doesn't work well on my mac too.
  13. Hi Lena, same problem happened to me and one of my friends. We are both on Mac OSX 10.6.8./viewer 3.0.3. Also I have tested it on several viewers, on 2.7, I got "SSL handshake failed" message and blank window. It looks similar with the past issue - check the Fredrik Linden's comment. I contacted support, and it said: When the issue occurs at the region handshake, the problem is usually a router or firewall issue. Try turning off the router for 20 seconds and bring it back up again. This may clear the issue. If not, try connecting directly to your modem. Actually it didn't work for me and m
  14. Haha, love your answer storm! That means "rice cracker shaped cracker which doesn't contain rice but egg". Tamago senbei is usually made from egg and wheat flour. Senbei is a word like "cake" e.g. birthday cake, fish cake, a cake of soap. If you have a thin old mattress, you can call it as Senbei Futon.
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