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  1. (SL) Classical Music Series: Spring Is In Bloom
    Wednesdays at 2 pm, join us for a classical music listening and discussion session. 
    This Week: Spring Is In Bloom
    With performances from Kathleen Battle, The National Opera of Monte Carlo, and Luciano Pavarotti, compositions by Nenjamin Britten, Georges Bizet, Henry Purcell and more, as well as notes on the music, this promises to be a lovely musical hour in Freda's Secret Garden in Second Life.  Start time is 9 AM SLT
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Minarlo Vite/157/216/1002

    Secret Garden TP.jpg

  2. For real.  It REALLY hurts.  I have been running events in sl for years now.  I use two avs for events.  One does artsy-fartsy dtuff; the other, not so much.  Forever, one av cannot see events the other has posted on the calendar, which leads me to believe many others cannot see them either.  Both are adult avs who have said they want to see adult content in preferences and have been age verified.  So both should be able to see anything at all anywhere inworld or on the website.  Now, I have some locations coming up incorrect.  When I test the slurl the calendar is giving, it lands people at the other corner of the sim, underwater, even though I am choosing the correct venue from the list of parcels I have perms to hold events.  And here's a real zinger-- now *neither* of my avs can see an event I posted this morning and *neither* of them can find it in calendar either in order to delete it and correct an error.  Inworld, one of them can see the event, using inworld search, but can't get to it on the website to correct or delete.  

    TBH, I have learned not to expect much help from LL in dealing with event postings or the guide and I don't really expect anyone else to be able to sort this mess out.  I just wanted to whine a little and see if others are having the same issues.  Thanks for listening.

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