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  1. Singers and Their Music With Freda Frostbite Wednesday, November 18⋅Noon SLT Description:Join us for this listening session and discussion. We focus each week on singers, the music created for them and the composers who write it. This week: Ella Fitzgerald Sings Cole Porter You will land in the Bellesmere transit/welcome center. Peease click the teleport pad on the floor and choose "Aviary" from the menu to reach your destination.
  2. GRAND OPENING TONIGHT Freda's Place 5 - 7 PM SLT 5 PM-- DJ Vance will start the evening with an hour of great music, Standards, pop, love songs, definitely some surprises. 6 PM-- Freda Frostbite will perform LIVE. It'll be all love songs tonight cuz Freda's in the mood. Semi-formal or formal attire, please. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Relax/81/90/3501
  3. The Casuality Club in Bellesmere is seeking a reliable DJ for Fridays at 11 AM SLT. Bellesmere is an rp sim. It's 1961. We would prefer popular music of all genres from before 1965. The Casuality Club pays its DJs a base salary plus whatever tips they collect. Contact Freda Frostbite via notecard inworld if you would like to apply for the job.
  4. The Belles Dancers are beginning work on their Valentines Weekend show, Ballet Romance. They are seeking new dancers of all genders to join the troupe. If you are interested in dancing with The Belles this winter, contact Jezebel Magic inworld via notecard.
  5. Halloween Hits with Freda Frostbite Friday at 12 NOON; Saturday at 5 PM SLT Freda Frostbite will sing some of her favorite freaky tunes for the holiday. She'll perform in a ghoulishly delightful world on Bellesmere's Halloween platform. Come early and stay late to explore the creepy crawlies and the fiends that abound. The show will start at 12 Noon SLT. You will land at the Bellesmere transit center. Use the tp board to get to the "special events venue." http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Relax/23/15/2001
  6. This Is Halloween Friday at 5 PM SLT; Saturday at 12 NOON SLT, Join the Belles Dancers for an hour of Halloween fun and sex appeal. The Belles have been putting on fabulous shows in Opensim and SL for years. This is Halloween promises to be one of their most exciting. You won't want to miss it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Relax/62/88/23
  7. My thinking was we don't pay, so it's not employment.
  8. The Belles Dancers are beginning work on their Valentines Weekend show, Ballet Romance. They are seeking new dancers of all genders to join the troupe. If you are interested in dancing with The Belles this winter, contact Jezebel Magic inworld via notecard.
  9. The Belles dancers are looking for a few more dancers to add to our troupe. We put on dance performances every 8-12 weeks in SL, depending on how long it takes to build any given show. Occasionally, we have done shows in opensim, but we have no more opensim shows scheduled at this time. We rehearse and perform at 􀀀. We are about to begin a hiatus after completing a show. We will begin rehearsals again July 14, 2020. Rehearsals will be held at 2:30 PM SLT every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Performances for our next show will be the weekends of August 21 and 28 at 5 PM SLT on F
  10. The Belles dance troupe is looking for new members to dance with us in our upconing show , WET, which will premier at Belle Fantaisie in August 2020. The Belles are not strippers but we are sexy dance company. We mount five or six shows each year. Rehearsals are generally held on Weekdays between 8 AM and Noon Grid Time. We rehearse 2-4 times each week for an hour to 90 minutes. Perfomances are on weekends between 11 AM and 6 PM grid time. Dancers are expected to attend most rehearsals and all performances. Some dancers do solos in performance. Dances are chorographed by our artistic d
  11. (SL) Quiet Write-In 6:00 AM Tuesday and Thursday Join Freda Frostbite for 90 minutes (or so) of quiet work time. Freda will be writing her next novel. You can work on whatever you like: Homework, poetry, sorting inventory, correspondence... If you arr
  12. (SL) Classical Music Series: Spring Is In Bloom Wednesdays at 2 pm, join us for a classical music listening and discussion session. This Week: Spring Is In Bloom With performances from Kathleen Battle, The National Opera of Monte Carlo, and Luciano Pavarotti, compositions by Nenjamin Britten, Georges Bizet, Henry Purcell and more, as well as notes on the music, this promises to be a lovely musical hour in Freda's Secret Garden in Second Life. Start time is 9 AM SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Minarlo Vite/157/216/1002
  13. For real. It REALLY hurts. I have been running events in sl for years now. I use two avs for events. One does artsy-fartsy dtuff; the other, not so much. Forever, one av cannot see events the other has posted on the calendar, which leads me to believe many others cannot see them either. Both are adult avs who have said they want to see adult content in preferences and have been age verified. So both should be able to see anything at all anywhere inworld or on the website. Now, I have some locations coming up incorrect. When I test the slurl the calendar is giving, it lands people at t
  14. A friend (who owns a private estate) I am interested in purchasing a "used" homestead. It would need to be moved and renamed. Can you explain the process to me? What fees are involved and who pays what to whom?
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