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  1. I don’t do either. The concerns you brought up are being addressed in various press conferences. 1. Each state has some say over which votes are valid and the ones they ‘find overnight’ have been ballots that were postmarked on or before the deadline, therefore are right to be counted. Everyone has been careful to say that votes received after the cutoff for each state will ‘NOT’ be counted. 2. The small number of instances of the dead people ‘voting’ are being caught cross-checked and invalidated. That’s not unique to this election nor is it widespread in any modern election since we have had electronic records. It is caught and dealt with. I think it is reasonable to bring up these issues if there is concern about them but unreasonable for the President to fearmonger and throw accusations and bring the needless lawsuits (which are largely being dismissed afaik).
  2. This is perhaps one reason why we have the blessing of the avatar physics slider = 0 setting. I’m morbidly amused that yes, the butts and boobies do bounce...but so often the heads are so broken in the shaping that the makeup mapping no longer aligns, so many hair fits are sloppy, the fashion is lacking, the ankles are broken and the arms, well...🦖
  3. Feeling a little called out rn, not gonna lie.... {🤣}
  4. Staying on-theme at least...kitties again, yes? Yes. 😸
  5. Context and timing perhaps? This might be a containment thread for blowing off steam?
  6. Spring for hope and a feeling of quickening in my heart, everything feels joyful and new. Spring bulbs, dogwood and fruit tree flowers are among my most favorite flowers. 🌸 summer brings the long light & bright days of endless possibility and abundant energy. Aircon gives enough relief from heat & sticky humidity. I get more done in summer most years. autumn has for me reflection and a welcome coziness. One of my favorite times to do things outdoors. winter, contemplation and stillness rule. Hygge time! I like the endless seasonal change over any single one. My ‘favorite’ is usually the next one upcoming because I like looking forward to it. I have an app that lists the 72 Japanese seasons. Why just observe 4? 😉
  7. The results numbers from the 2 articles are different.
  8. Thank you for your post, I’ve learned something from it and also from watching this thread play out.
  9. fwiw, AP and BBC also reporting different numbers on election.
  10. I think if LL did this we would see a huge low spike in numbers...I do know they have a re-activation process for some old accounts, I had to reverify my email address and do a password recovery to ‘reactivate’ one account but I left it in a land group and there was -L$ balance on it, so that may be why? Oopsie!
  11. There is a free development kit to make your own omega appliers https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Dev-Kit/6070969 but to apply them I think you still also need the omega relay HUDs for each part you want to apply them to if Omega is not built into the part. Many people are using Bakes On Mesh (BOM) for tattoo and makeup ‘layers’ now instead though.
  12. Same. Which is why not one but several people delight in telling me this kind of crap. But it is what it is. If it’s any comfort to you, not all of us are like that, but a whole lot of people are. Not saying the adult activity is in any way ‘bad’, we are all adults after all... I Posted it to highlight the deception aspect. But this is a pretty deceptive place at times, make no mistake.
  13. In some schemes, 3. Account 1, the bait/lure, usually a female stripper or escort, sometimes also says she is a ‘model’ or ‘photographer’. (And no, also not the kind of model or photographer who really is one) Alt 1, another pretty girl you can call up to ‘join the party’...for extra $L ofc... The Malt...the male avatar account you can use to chase people away...or make someone jealous over to squeeze more L$ out of the mark(s) in little drama games. and how do I know? because I know several people who have successfully played out this con - several times.
  14. The best ones I have found. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/43392?utf8=✓&search[layout]=gallery&search[category_id]=321&search[sort]=created_at_desc&search[per_page]=12&search[keywords]=&search[price_low]=0&search[price_high]=10&search[land_impact_low]=&search[land_impact_high]=&search[copy_permission]=0&search[modify_permission]=0&search[transfer_permission]=0&search[limited_quantities]=0&search[is_demo]=0
  15. Peeve: drunk or over-drugged people still trying to argue online. Holy shizoop, give it up and go to bed! This goes for over-medicating on otherwise legit and prescribed meds too, don’t think it doesn’t. I haven’t experienced much of this recently and the absence of it has been so nice, I was just realizing that today.
  16. It’s coming along really nicely! My only suggestion would be to add a stroke or outline filter/layer to the text for readability.
  17. I wonder if there is an info-graphic timeline on the history of such things, I need to look. That would be fun! I love posts like this. I came in Feb 2008 so I’ve seen some things but pioneer-type stories from how things developed in times before I arrived are really interesting. If the people who came at the beginning hadn’t stayed and done the things they did then, we who came afterwards wouldn’t have what we have now to enjoy. And yes, I love the newest things, too. I got a new avatar just today. But I just set out some sculpted fence pieces today as well because they fit the scene. And I make and use prim projector lights all the time.
  18. I was also thinking about it from the people angle - why should we bother to refer someone who is has already demonstrated freely that they are (willfully) such a kill-joy to ANY place or activity we enjoy when their presence would suck all the fun right out of it? Real talk: I don’t want to get that jaded and think this in earnest but...the thought crosses my mind. I redact my list, all the things I suggested above are dreadfully tedious, please don’t consider any of them at all. 🤣
  19. I took it to mean ‘I risked the humor being misunderstood’. If you do not mind me asking, what is your native language?
  20. My graphics and interaction are fine. So is my ability to be pleased with the work I put in for my SL things and my SL/RL things. I have a big desktop unit and a gaming laptop besides 3 tablets, I’m fine tech-wise...it was not needed to liaison with the dj, send the notices and do the event setup. I’ll use the computer with the bells and whistles to do the final lighting touches and of course to enjoy the party. You: “I’m displeased. Someone should do something” The World: 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️
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