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  1. No hunts, but I really like madpea games. My folders must have less than 1k things in each nested folder (per something I heard about inventory lag, and because I have an always-growing ballet company’s entire costume department plus backups shoved in there) Cam shop counterclockwise half way around an event, hit esc. Cam clockwise for other half. leave chat window closed until I’m ready to deal with anyone’s messages as much of the UI within the world part of the screen turned off as possible. No float text, no huds, no radar, no crosshairs, no names or tags on, no UI sounds, no float text, no typing sounds, AO in the firestorm AO utility. Did I mention no float text?
  2. Granted, but she gets liquored up, goes on a necro-posting spree and bam...all the emojis everywhere forever! (apologies if you don’t drink Amina, maybe a very strong kombucha would get the better of you...) I wish for a big clump of the new Linden houses to drop tomorrow morning!
  3. Happy Fezday. Post bishes, is it your fez, fiends, mammaries of first fez, how are you celibate?
  4. It hasn’t snowed here yet but I was looking up songs with the word ‘Snow’ in them. I pretty much always like something or other by Rasputina though. I’m avoiding listening to Dir en grey just now though because we will see them in concert Monday. fresh and fresh!
  5. Not optimal, ontological. Kinda YIKES. (I’ll take dramatically over-reacting for 500 Alex) 😹
  6. It doesn’t seem to match the sharpness of detail of everything else. I’ve never seen sleeves wrinkle quite that way. The curve where the sleeve joins the armhole seems unusual. I like your photo, but I do not care for the shirt.
  7. I second demo-demo-demo. Only speaking for myself but ‘trying a ton of demos’ was really the most helpful advice for me in choosing Human (not doll) mesh heads and so far lots of demo-ing and shape tweaking on the demos has kept me from buying any that I really didn’t like. At often L$5000 a pop, that’s important. So far so good. It didn’t help narrow my search per say but it did help me to learn just how different they all are in sometimes critical areas, and I also learned that they all add and subtract mass in a bit of a different way so even if I initially like a head, it’s not always going to be able to be shaped into what I actually want to wear. I’m not really as particular about it as some are either, so I think taking time, and playing with a lot of demos is the best way.
  8. I’m numb. I just can’t with it all, so I freeze. I joke, play with words a bit, gift bomb the ugliest of sweaters at times to those least expecting it...but under? frozen. That’s just how it is right now for me.
  9. Sorry peoples, I was just teasing a bit with deliberately misconstrued words...this is the derail thread?
  10. But plenty of people always want to get off on the right one? Are they just particularly dexterous? asking only because I’m a lefty ofc... care for some tea?
  11. I’ve been wondering about the best practices for transparent things, so they aren’t actually rendered..., do you by chance have the official documentation link for this? I’d much appreciate it!
  12. Why does no one ever be wanting to get off ‘on the left foot’? Your right quadriceps surely would be overdeveloped... (or...is there just something sinister about it?)
  13. I don’t use the brain, but you can edit the little thought graphic in it to have different textures. Me? I have a Bubble Pop game in there.
  14. I love a good forum where I don’t even have to...well you know...😹 It’s all good, my dear dearies! Play on! ‘’as for this, error rectified” ‘VALOR
  15. I’m female and present female and prefer female pronouns. I use the pronouns that best fit with how someone is presenting to me or the ones they prefer, if they have told me. I get confused if the pronouns are fluid for a person though and I will mess that up, but it is not intentional, I still try. I’ve never experienced gender dysphoria but I have heard the raw pain in those who have. If using a certain pronoun mitigates even an iota of that for anyone, I’m always glad to do it.
  16. I have 3 bricollage installations 80% built and hiding in my inventory currently so I’d pop one out and complete it and nope each would not take all 7000, maybe 1/2. And a month of work left on each, roughly. 1 is a story built during a period of insomnia that tells a sort of Fools Journey tale with interactives, 2 is a night-time Hanami immersive with poetry and tea, 3 is a visual story of a Fall a little different than The Fall, with the religion kind of extracted and the human psychology aspect played up more.
  17. I like reading the pet peeves. It says a lot about someone, the things that annoy them. Mine too about me, of course! 😹 One word conversation (non)starters, I don’t reply to those anymore. I use the ‘autoreply to everyone’ feature most of the time and I do go around with my chat window down when I’m traveling and sightseeing. The ‘like for like’ endeavors, of any kind. It’s a not so subtle form of social pressure and can become a real time sink if it’s ‘expected’ reciprocation on activities...how ‘bout ‘nope’ to that kind of obligation in my (and your) free time? Sometimes I get asked, “Why don’t you invite me/us to ____?” Because I guess I just assume ’if you wanted to come, you would’? Completely empty profile with no picks if you are over a month old. Not everyone is interested in filling them out and that’s fine but c’mon...you’ve found a couple of interesting pick locations to landmark, surely? Blaming the viewer or the UI (or or SL in general) for things you can control or mitigate yourself. It is much more productive and satisfying to take the position, “Hey this thing annoys me, how can I minimize the impact on me?” Those people I try to help. People who judge your level of judge-y-ness harshly when we know full well that we all do it. It’s by degrees and everyone has their peculiar persnickety preferences. How you handle them when dealing with others is what I pay attention to. Are you kind, patient, tolerant of different opinions? Disagree graciously vs being disagreeable? UI sounds. The clicks, button presses, bonks, dings, kachings, whooshes. Those mess with my immersion so I turned them off long ago. When I watch a video where someone has them on now it is very noticeable. I also turned off my TP screen, I like the sight of my avatar getting pulled across the grid and oddly, it helps me with general N-S, E-W world grid geography because you can often see the direction you are being pulled to. Grammar, spelling and punctuation sticklers. I haven’t ever asked for a free critique in my conversational typing and if I can understand you, I’m good! For my own ‘important writings’ I have editors. I’m a Virgo. If I can refrain from it, so can everyone. Probably the most judgmental one - people who run SL on less than minimum system requirements, don’t practice any optimization of their own experience and don’t spend (in time, learning AND money) what they’d reasonably expect to spend on any other comparable form of entertainment, game or hobby yet complain to others that their SL experience is ‘not optimal’. Addendum Float text. Including all the stuff over peoples heads. So of course I keep it all turned off. Sometimes with hilariously bad results and yep, it’s on me. (Still totally worth it)
  18. It would be fun to compile a list of sweet squats that welcome the rambling souls. Fauve is a home and place collector but her ‘cousins’ are very much...not.
  19. Has the meetup ever been held at Svarga? I suggest there or another M or G sim with history. http://secondlife.com/destination/svarga
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