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  1. This could be said on a sliding scale for everything in the world as any changes are made. But there’s a complex equation that involves human typists, awareness, skills, time, money, vanity, embodiment, computing power, internet speed, a learning curve, tolerance, the willingness to make changes and probably lots of other factors I’m skimming. Everyone sits at a different place within it for just as many different reasons. Which is why discussion and teaching will likely get more and better results than the scolding, shaming, nagging or haranguing about complexity that some people do. That last part probably belongs in the pet peeves thread, I admit! 😉 I like to believe that more SL people just care more for their avatar looks and pretty things than they do about taking the time to learn about optimization but also...what people think is ‘good enough’ or ‘caring enough’ about optimization is also on a sliding scale so getting a majority of people to care more about lowering complexity without alienating them is a tricky business that has not yet been accomplished.
  2. I’m excited for the super duper premium reveals, whatever it’s called, whatever they might be. I was looking at the map in the middle of Bellisseria last night too but I have not seen any larger lots yet. ...just a speculation but I’m hoping the ‘super duper premium’ tier might come with some sort of Linden Home upgrade or better yet, commercial options but wondering how any of that actually fits with Linden Homes concept really being a ‘first land’ kind of alternate concept for people who don’t want to start with bare land in a place with few covenants...still I can’t help thinking that a managed commercial area rolled out like the Linden Homes (with tighter covenants and cohesive builds) might be something good. Events are often more ugly than aesthetically pleasing, main stores are not what they used to be and a pretty, upscale shopping area would be fun.
  3. They are in there, the folder contents shows 11 ‘things’, but your inventory is constrained to your search term ‘lost and found’ though and nothing within the folder is called that. Left-click the folder once, clear the search box and you should see what’s actually inside the lost and found folder. If things are returned as a ‘clump’ or coalesced object, only one item will be named but if you rez that clump in a sandbox you can sort it. There are advantages to ‘return’ in a clump but also some drawbacks. No copy items can’t be restored to their last place and I don’t like including them in a send back so my solution when moving is to take up any no copy items, then anything I’ve modded and then finally just send the rest back as a clump and delete it immediately since I have copies and probably won’t use the same arrangements in the new house.
  4. Dance. It doesn’t matter if an audience is there or I’m alone, bliss happens when I dance. And yes, with the right conditions, it happens in SL too, there is a dancer’s world in here. The ideal is BOTH! And I’m not sure I’d have even enjoyed any virtual space half as much if it did not have ballet, belly dance, trance, and even yep, para para and good old lime jelly. Much magic, much silliness! SL people dance like kids dance, largely unselfconsciously and easily. That makes me happy because I know IRL, many people just don’t dance. Being in a creative bubble while making something. I can forget to eat or sleep when I’m in the zone creatively. Also can be in SL or using a digital program, ‘head in the box’, I’m immersed. When I’m not dancing and I’m creatively stalled, it’s the worst, and no matter how bad a situation, if I have even a little time and space for these, I can create some bliss. There is also bliss tied to my partner in so many many ways, and we create and enjoy it together...but I really believe that having several somethings that are completely my own and that come from within, things that I can manifest outwardly, is vital to my happiness and wellbeing.
  5. Tempting examples entailing teeth happening, TEASE.
  6. Happy Linden Home 2me. I was lazing about like an insomniac lazeabout in bed and refreshed the page on my iPad in idle curiosity and bingo - Bellisseria Victorian. 🏠 Nearly 1 am so I’ll go see it tomorrow, lol. edit: my Game of Homes was 2 Victorian misses, 5 other houses yesterday as sightseeing, then luck on first try today was what it took me to get it so that’s not bad in the timing department to me. Depending on location, I might roll again but I see the new regions getting prepped so I might just settle in at this one and watch those and explore a bit. It might be faster to set the auto refresh on a desktop but I’m pretty fast clicker in iPad...plus holiday might be making people more absent/slow. Who knows?
  7. Happy Linden Home 2me. That is a good holiday prez ie to myself. I was lazing about like an insomniac lazeabout in bed and refreshed the page on my iPad in idle curiosity and bingo - Bellisseria Victorian. 🏠 Nearly 1 am so I’ll go see it When I wake later, lol.
  8. New Babbage has one point in the covenant that I really appreciate, no default plywood texture can stay out/visible for over 12 hours. But I also think that seeing too many things as ‘out of theme’ might be a sign of outgrowing this type of community. I think it’s rather amusing what people do with Victorians both historical and modern, so I’m looking forward to touring around more to check it out. Bellisseria is a great social psychology fishbowl experiment unfolding. 😹
  9. 💜🦋🦋🦋 this. Often ignored, Conveniently overlooked, but really important.
  10. Goodbye old Linden Home, hello to house hunting! I did land in a houseboat on a good micro-location but a kind of ‘meh’ macro one in the south. I tried a trailer first but neighbors had too much crap out and half the LI is maybe not ideal for me. And then I got a second even less-ideal houseboat location, same area. 2 traditionals, each on unremarkable plots and that was my 5 tries for the 24 hr period used up. The search will continue.
  11. I’m also looking forward to the holiday season being over, for some of us it (traditionally) lingers until 6Jan. Plenty of time to mull over some more resolutions and drink some wine. 🍾🥂I started sorting my SL inventory and THAT is def better with a glass of wine! 🍷
  12. Big lumbering oaf ate tamales - UNCLE ooops, that was last page...okies, I’m out. tell all kitties everyone’s sleeping. snore
  13. Yes, I’m poking this back to life. I would like some photo competitions in 2020, please.
  14. Darkness reveals old virtues eventually. THINK!
  15. If I were to give the most helpful advice to my new-starting self for blogging as a new resident, it would be this: blog what you love for topics, don be afraid of ‘newbie exploring’ type posts and DO post your early SL impressions ignore the grumblings of jaded people but weigh their actual advice chose 2 font families for the blog and stick to them for the layout and text, (use the fun fonts on the photos and for the signature) learn to take high resolution snapshots learn to use control+ 0, 8 and 9 to get rid of the fish-eye camera effect that SL imposes. Good Luck! 🍀
  16. Some of it is exactly as you say, learning to use tools, but few will go this far. I also know that some people will even read the first sentence you wrote above about keybinding to adjust the movement in viewer and just ‘nope’ out. Most people who use a computer rarely change that and full half don’t know how. Or people read some of your past rants (which I find both slightly hilarious and really informative all at the same time) and form their bias. Same with the fact that I always turn into a semi-attractive adult female human when I have to show up inworld to make any presentation despite the fact that these days I really prefer being a chibi noodle. Is it stupid? yes. But is it real? Also yes.
  17. After 8am, did someone make the coffee? Oh right, that needs to be me, the cats have no thumbs. I’m really just ok with ‘feelings on hold’ today, this holiday is fraught and I’m just not down with that anymore. I’m in the fortunate position of being able to ‘nope’ Holiday stuff all together when I want to, so I’m playing SL and I volunteered to do one holiday thing for my community there. I’m on hiatus from my SL dance company, I’m burnt and taking meds so I’m kind of a sludge-head slowpoke in movement and reaction time. Last night I said goodbye to my old style Meadowbrook Linden Home that I had not touched in a long time. A Victorian Linden Home popped up for me...but I didn’t have my tier allocated correctly, I donate part of it to a community and I want to keep doing so in 2020. After waits and refreshes and a few aquisitions and abandonments, another Victorian popped...and I had mis-counted and need to wait 24 hrs. This process kind of feels like a capsule of my 2019. Grateful for the plenty and lack of want..but things just not happening correctly in the right areas, with the right outcomes. People have given my posts ‘sad likes’ but I don’t really feel sad, I just felt like sharing some of what I’m feeling. For the first time this year, I looked ahead in my life and thought to myself, “You’d better kick into higher gear on some of your longest-term goals if you expect to see them come to pass in your lifetime, Chickie. Reassess, ditch some things that don’t matter as much and pull your focus tighter!” As I popped about on Bellisseria, I kind of get why people might like to have Victorians in places where the older traditional styles are in the north. I hate to say it but my misgivings in looking at the southern parts of the map proved true, the Victorian community isn’t as detailed and more areas are cloned. Which is something I was not alone in disliking about the pre-Bellisseria communities. All in all I’m not complaining or thinking it should be different, just keeping in mind what Patch said about outgrowing them...but I still want to try the commune group idea and for that I need one of the largest homes.
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