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  1. Enforcement Linden Lab routinely looks at search results, and will treat use of bots to gain an unfair search advantage as an abuse issue. You do not need to file an abuse report for violations; Linden Lab monitors the search results." Except when it is done by someone who owns a bunch of land or when the shop is operated by a LL employee or a friend of a LL empoyee.. There are many things that go unenforced, some that would land people in jail were this the real world.
  2. The next time I am in SF I will get some spray paint and make my own ads on their front door lol
  3. I think it is an excellent idea to finally get rid of the boxes for unlimited quantity items. I am curious to see how many really old listings by inactive accounts get wiped. As far as your box not working.. logging out of all SL sites and relogging usually works as long as you do not use some bizarro OS or weirdo viewer.
  4. I bought this thing and and all I got is a damn box with a picture on it. Can you please send me what I paid for or I will report you for fraud. maybe you are getting too big... haha
  5. Beacuse it tells a lot about the activity of an item. There are certain items that seem to sell more frequently than is natural. I am not going into details but there is a bunch of really shady crap going on and this would show which items obviously have large numbers of phoney sales.
  6. Magnet Homewood wrote: This is why each listing should display a 'Listed on...' date stamp. Along with the number of total sales.
  7. Madeliefste Oh wrote: I just want to say: be carefull what you wish for. In a real economy I never hear merchants ask the government for measures that undermine the purchasing power of potential customers. Especially not in poor economic times... Yes but it would be harder to find stores that weren't burned down to the ground or shop owners that didn't accidentally go missing on the way home from work.
  8. I was being general and not referring to you directly. But I was not really thinking about my own sales. I have ways of getting my product to people who do not have a lot to spend so that is covered as well. The root of our problems are as always, old stale products that sometimes find their way to the top of search relevance and of course the people who have no land, no expenses and in some cases not even their profile filled out while dumping product for dirt cheap while sitting on top of most searches... If this were a real economy with real people there would already have been bloody wars started over what some people get away with on here.
  9. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I personally don't feel merchants should be allowed to cash out. lol... that would solve all problems for LL
  10. Knowl Paine wrote: Fees: are part of a later plan, and seperate battle; I believe the Fee, to create a Group, should be raised. The first 3 are Free to create, additional groups are 300L$ I have to agree with the others, fee's might knock too many people out, or prevent the Resident who has almost nothing, from getting something. I think I saw a Linden begin to drool, when they read your comment. Some would argue "How dare you suggest that they raise the price.. groups should be free so new players will not quit because they have to pay for something" and... They drool no matter what except its for a different reason...
  11. Madeliefste Oh wrote: When you are a starting merchant who can hardly find the money to pay for the upload costs, you have as much chance to be an active merchant then someone who makes a rl income from his sales. Both have as much chance to be around to support their products. This is not the case with listings fees. That is a system that disadventage starters and merchants with litte turnover compared to merchants who are selling well. This is where the breakdown of the concept of reality originates. Who in their right mind could possibly insist that anyone is entitled to anything for free? I was one of those disadvantaged people who had to budget my upload costs and load up with some L bucks that I purchased with real Dollars before sales covered the upload fees. When SL was popular and cool it was mostly patronized by people who could invest a few bucks a month to play an online game. What I am hearing over and over is that people who are not contributing anything should be allowed to reap the same benefit that people who invest heavily. The downward spiral of the value of this game is direct proof that this concept does not work, yet people do not realize it.
  12. Easy solution: Monthly listing fees.. if merchants do not want to pay listing fees they can sell their products in world for no extra charges or commissions..
  13. Pamela Galli wrote: 1. Easily gamed, not very informative. 2. So I could not use the marketplace to deliver something when I am traveling and cannot get inworld? 3. "Obvious fake"? What criteria exactly would be used to determine this? 4. This would work fine, as it does on other sites, but has been suggested many times. It would flush out the fake reviewers as well as the crackpot/extortionist reviewers. 1 Actually it is very informative to see how many times an item has sold for many reasons. Some reasons good some bad but it is the most informative live method of seeing how an item performs. 2. If you are logged in you should be able to buy your own items... it is to prevent people from using alts to run up numbers as is being done by a bunch of people.. I will not drop names but I really want to lol. 3. 20 reviews in one day following a bad review are ALL fake.. 95% reviews by people with no profile filled out and all in the same strange Eurotrash group are definetely ALL fake.. A person claiming that the merchant is the best creator ever and that his/her things are better than all others and they own everything made by this creator becaus they are a professional builder..yet the reviewer is only 2 days old.. is definetly fake... oh and claiming to be a master builder yet there are no picks, no profile text , no groups visible and OMG the profile is created on the day of their first of many reviews is 100% Fake.. this is the same as determining if an item uses keyword spam and should warrant the effort to flag it.. there is some discretion needed but for the most part if you start reading reviews of highly popular items you will see patterns. 4. lol @ crackpot extortionist reviewer.. I need to assume that role for a change rather than being on the other end of this..
  14. I am getting tired of seeing endless streams of fake reviews made by alts on many " top selling" items. I am also noticing strong patterns of manipulation of the ranking system by merchants who are pushing less than acceptable quality items to the top of the search results by cheating. I am seeing the same items in the top selling item spots on a continous basis which is virtually impossible considering some of these items are being sold to more people than could ever possibly be in need of such item. What will it take for LL to abandon the flawed review process and replace it with a better one? Here are my suggestions to clean up this mess: 1. Remove the star system and replace it with a Number of times sold indicator. Remove all if any search relevance from reviews. 2. Block purchases from the same IP address 3. Add an option in the flagging menu that lets people flag obvious fake reviews 4. Add a list of other reviews made by this person. ( this should be a fun one) How's about them apples?
  15. I strongly recommend that LL figures out a system that excludes listings from inactive accounts. If it were up to me I would go as far as requiring a premium account in order to sell anything on the site. This free for all system will destroy their company! I predicted it when they first opened SLM and now I guarantee it.. No need for land, no need for anything except cashing out makes everyone a profitable merchant except those who rent land and pay premium fees.... prices are falling, people are quitting, land is being abandoned .. all of this will cost them revenue. Again.. Land ownership or high listing fees for non premium members and the the priveledge of selling on the marketplace should be related!
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